Sustainable Technologies

Typical wind power generation farms are capable of producing large amounts of energy to be distributed throughout a wide network or to generate enough power for a community, but they are not at the scale and portability needed by organizations such as the military, contractors, farmers,

We aim to provide guaranteed high quality, safe, clean Drinking Water to all (on-the-go) individuals travelling to work, school or whilst on holiday.
Without them having to pollute their environment purchasing one-use disposable plastic bottles whilst unsure of the purity of the drinking water within.

My Solar Distillation Tower is designed to operate as a stand-alone self-powered bulk water desalination/purification system. The tower works on the principle of holding the water under a strong vacuum and controlling the temperature which the incoming brine vaporizes to get the most fresh water output.

The Solar Energy Collection and Transfer Satellite uses a system of EMBs (Electro-Mechanical Batteries, Figure 1) to store energy collected by solar panels located on the satellite. EMBs store energy through spinning a composite flywheel with an electric motor, which is incorporated into the battery.

Access to affordable, renewable energy generation is necessary to drive sustainable development and global access to quality health care and education. In response to this demand,

Food is one of the basic needs for human beings. In this modern society, food cooking is carried out using electric power or natural gas. However, rural communities without access to electric power or natural gas in some developing countries are still using traditional way to prepare foods,

The invention refers to solar panel with an active core made of PET filaments and fibers, in view of substituting the well known panels from the present solar panel equipment as well as all installations and equipments which could benefit from this solution;

Innovation: The Solar Radiometer Power Generator gives us the opportunity to utilize the vast solar energy Earth receives each day in a very direct and simple way to be more energy independent of national nonrenewable materials and foreign imports from unfriendly nations to the United States.

The attempts to capture Solar Energy have resulted in a large number of devices to obtain this.

Why rob Peter to pay for Paul’s solar ?

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