Sustainable Technologies

The "ENERGY TREE" project combines 3 Renewable Energy Sources -- Wind, Solar and Geothermal -- into a single, functional and eco-integral unit, a TREE. Recreating one of nature's most beautiful designs, the project encompasses designing and building an artificial tree whose bark and leaves capture solar energy,

We all use a lot of energy. So why don’t we generate it where we consume it, in our cities and in our buildings?

This simple efficient optical tracker offers three major advantages when compared with conventional systems: a higher absorption of solar flux,

Energy is the power of mankind. By creating surplus power from fossil fuels mankind was able to leap forward from the Dark Ages. Food, housing, jobs, abundance comes as a measure of available sources of energy. Not everyone everywhere has the same advantages, yet,

This design idea started with the studying of the basic principle of the electrostatic engine developed by Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Gordon, which works by the attraction forces existing between electrical charges of different sign. Also,

A team of Cornell engineers developed a patented technology, the TO:CMA Spherical Generator, that creates copious amounts of clean electricity out of ocean waves at costs below all major existing renewable energy sources. The design was elaborated to defy the global rise in energy demand,

You hoped for an idea that could generate new jobs, help the environment, or improve our health and safety; this entry does all three. It crosses several categories, certainly impacting sustainable technologies, but also electronics and machinery and equipment.

Trans Wind Energy Generation
A Fresh Concept for Renewable Energy

Trans Wind Energy Generation (TWEG), patent pending, uses energy captured by fixed wing/sails traversing elevated cables to energize potor/generators riding along suspended cables which direct energy to the power grid. Richard Harrington, President of Harrington Electronics LLC,

The UMRS is a system for recycling or reclaiming any material, natural or man made. The UMRS first uses extreme heat to break down these materials to the elements from which they were made, then separates them, allowing the purified elementary matter to be reused in any agricultural, chemical or industrial application.

A cylindrical object is placed on a circular track which has pressure points. This cylinder mass will be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees where it becomes easy to rotate, i.e with much less force. And importantly all the force of the mass will be at one place.

This a system developed to extract energy from the atmosphere by creating a vacuum into which atmospheric air is drawn through a vacuum operated motor coupled to a power producer as a generator.

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