2012 Top 100 Entries

The following entries received the highest overall scores from the panel of judges. They are listed in alphabetical order by title.


3D Endoscope Using Controlled Aberrations

A Better Way to Text and Touch-Type

A Capacitive Multichannel ECG Measurement System

A Cost Effective Method for Generating Physiological Shear Stress in a Traditional Cell Culture Environment

A Home and Small Business Electricity Micro Generation Unit

Active Passive System for Damage Detection

Applying Stress to Cells under Microscopy

Aquaback Water Purification System

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Transmission Line Inspection

BiModal Glideway

Catherina, Smartly Illuminate Your Life

Cementious Solar Optics

Cloud and Smartphone Accelerator

CNC Electroforming Machine

Constant Velocity Engine

Device for Control Over Drive of Valve for ICE

Device for Improvement of Cancerous Margin Assessment in the Operating Room

Diesel Fuel Saver

Dry Snorkel Cold Immersion Suit for Hypothermia Prevention

Ear Prophylactics (Dry Earplus for Diving)

Elpipes: Critical Enabling Technology for a Supergrid

Embedded Wear Sensor

Engine with Oscillating Rotating Pistons

Fault Tolerant Power & Communications System

Flex-Curve Conveyor

Floor Surface Safety Lamp

GE SpinLab™: First Automated Multichannel Hyperpolarizer

Hardware and Smartphone App to Prevent Forgetting Child in Vehicle

HistoMosaic: Cancer Tissue Diagnostics by Multiplexed PCR

HTI Dynamic Combustion Chamber

Improved Dispense Pump

Improved Prosthetic Joints

Isolating DIAC-Based Power Supply Saves Standby Energy

Laser Guided Car Parking System

Leakproof Damper

LED A19 100W-Equivalent Lamp with Active Cooling

LED/Optic Display Production Machine

LED/Optic Identity Verification in the Visible and IR Frequencies

LIFE PACK – Hypothermia Prevention Floatation Device

LVDT Signal Processing ASIC

Methods and Apparatus for Imaging, Detecting, and Monitoring Surficial and Subdermal Inflammation

Micro Sun

Miniature Surgical Robots

Module Wheelchair

Molecular Microscope and Nano-Fabricator

NanoCam - Microscopic Sized Camera

Nanocoating Tool: Linear Self-Assembly

New Design for a Miniaturized Frequency Agile Repeater System

New Low-Loss Planetary Shift Transmission

New Technology Provides Precise, Dynamic Control of the Pitch of a Boat Propeller

Novel Longfiber Cotton Gin

Orthopedic Compression Screw

Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator for Process Heat Generation

Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Software Simulation Framework

Photoassisted Electrolysis

Photocoagulator for Superficial Abrasion

Plant Oils to Jet Fuel

polyMEAs: Tissue-Like All-Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for Neuroprosthetics

Prosthetic Leg Connector

Quantum Frostless Heat Pump with MPR Valve

RASP®-Reduced Agricultural Storage Program

Re-Thinking Automotive TPMS

RF Sensor Network Improves Aircraft Availability

Rolling Piston Air Motor or Pump

Rotor-less Blood Pump Device

Safe Cranial Drill

SafeDrive Anti Drowsiness Camera

SAW Convolver Sensor for Wireless Structure Monitoring Systems

Self Recharging Laptops: Work Longer with Confidence

Self-Adjusting Bushing Bearing

Self-Locking Actuator

Self-Protective Alloy Treatment for Extreme Environments

Self-Sizing Internal Combustion Engine

Sensordrone: a Practical, Tricorder Like Platform for Consumers and Mobile Device Developers

Sidewinder Screwdriver

SkyRide Technology

SLD (Safety Lowering Device)

Snapshot Imaging Plenoptic Spectral Camera

Solar Boiler Electrical Generator and Heat Machine

Solar Ice Maker

Solar Water Distiller Using Spray Flash Evaporation

Solving the Last Hurdle Preventing LEDs Becoming Mainstream Products


Synthetic Bone Graft Material

Synthetic Bone Made by Indirect Selective Laser Sintering

Table Stabilizer

The Integrated Off-Shore Wave Powered Turbine Shaft (OSWPTS)

The Pulsed Turbine Turbo-Prop Engine Concept

The Sipficient Travel Mug: Piping Hot to the Very Last Drop

Thermal Stir Welding Process

Thin-Cavity Cooling of Electronic Circuitry

Ultra Efficient Lighting

UV-C Bare and Gloved Hand Flash Disinfection

V2 Renal Denervation System for Vessix Vascular

Vibration Resistant Thumb Screw (VRTS)

Virtual Axis Steer System VASS

Virtual Walking Stick for the Visually Impaired

Wave Winch

X-Rad Friend - Personal X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter

Zebedee - Hand-Held Mobile Mapping Device