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The Carplane® is a bi-modal air/road convergence vehicle, currently under construction at the Research Airport in Braunschweig, Germany.

Its primary market is the BRICS countries where inadequate road infrastructure and traffic congestion impede individual transport.

This entry explores the possible use of cloud computing within various aviation systems. An aviation services cloud infrastructure is proposed in order to provide Cloud Computing (CC) to the aviation end user.

This design provides a large amount of aperture in a package that is well suited for transport into space. Instead of the large disc of a conventional telescope,

The large numbers of wheeled Mine Protected, Ambush Resistant (MRAP) vehicles being fielded around the world are excellent at protecting their occupants from blast, fragments, and small arms fire.

Is a fact that Earth is entering in a space where the asteroid activity is increasing, and some meteorites that were not detected at the  time have passed very close to Earth (luckily), or in the worst case hit the planet causing more than 1000 deaths (Russia incident).

Unoccupied flying vehicles have had a huge impact on the modern battlefield. The technology to fly a combat aircraft from a ground based "flight deck" thousands of miles away is happening everyday. There are issues, however, with these vehicles, especially when it involves flying aircraft over peaceful,

A method for termination of tornadoes – as soon as they are noticed on radar and long before they can touch down to become destructive – is proposed.

In the US more than 1,000 tornadoes ‘touch down’ annually, causing significant damage.

A Dirigible Space Elevator, a unique combination of aerospace design and geodesic geometry, has many monetary, efficiency and energy saving uses. The geodesic exo-structure allows any airship the ability to fly upwards at speeds exceeding 150 mph.

Dampened Oscillatory Gravitic Unit


During the course of researching alternative energy and propulsion systems I stumbled upon an ancient Dogu artifact and intuitively began decoding Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) symbol components comprising an energy and propulsion system.

In general lots of research is going on about drag reduction and improving the aerodynamic efficiency of flight vehicles, by adopting various methods. The aim of the research is to perform a detailed study on the effects of surface roughness on flow over an aerofoil in the trailing edge.

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