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LunarSail is a cubesat-based space mission established by the Aerospace Research & Engineering Systems Institute, Inc. – a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and STEM education through hands-on educational projects and public outreach.

Satellite imagery has proved invaluable in the defense and intelligence sectors. Furthermore, it has been an equally potent resource in such important commercial areas as land and water asset management, weather prediction, and geological and agricultural prospecting.

MANTARAYA Delta Challenger
Military & Rescue, missions.

MANTARAYA Delta Challenger is an only underwater propelling device, because the diver stays in the wake of that device without pointless efforts, reducing air consumption and turbulence.

THAT BI-TURBO SYSTEM improves the hydrodynamic coefficient of penetration [Ch = Rv= Cv.(Re.K/L)],

The Mars Biodome is a dome made out of transparent tri-layered panels and a sturdy frame that allows people to live on Mars. The panels on the Biodome are made of glass on the inside, a glass-plastic-glass layer on the outside,

We propose here the application of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as part of a science surface properties package aboard a future Lake Lander.

Space exploration is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. We live in the deep valley of Earth’s gravitational well. Very large rockets are required to put small payloads into space. Launch mass must be reduced to create a sustainable future in space.

The problem:
Satellites in Earth orbit are increasingly in danger of being damaged and disabled by collisions with orbiting pieces of debris that are generated by explosions of fuel tanks or other mishaps, etc. These collisions generate more debris,

Unmanned Air vehicle or uninhabited air vehicle (UAV) is essential equipment that is used in military warfare. However, owing to its large size, it is easily detected by the enemy causing it to be vulnerable to enemy counter attack.

My Multistage Jet Engine design is like two or more combustion chambers or combustors connected in series,

In the last half-century, humans have set foot on the moon and, as a result, deep space travel seems to be within Humanity's reach. However, there are many issues that must be resolved before space travel to other objects in the solar system can become a reality.

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