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With busier airports and higher fuel prices the demand for more efficient aircraft and airport operations is necessary for the future of the aeronautic industry.

The wing of an aircraft generates lift by creating a pressure differential between the upper and lower surfaces, the air passing below the wing want to escape to the low pressure area and that escape occurs at the tip of the wing creating a vortex which not only is a risk for other planes but also creates drag. A winglet is a device installed in the tip of the wing to reduce this effect.

The vortex cancelling winglet drastically reduce the vortex generated by a plane, it works by creating two vortexes that rotate ...

This is Aviation's latest advance. The developer has a patent. The Otto US Patent is #8,376,268 for a flight control system using air thrust devices. The aviation market grows over 6% per year. New commercial (4/day) and military (2/day) aircraft can be supplied w/ the systems. The devices can replace wings and tails. When they are not operating they have almost zero drag.

Drag is a serious problem. The wing structures stick out from the body to create uplift but require planes to run their engines. The innovative air thrust devices allow planes to fly w/o the engines running. After decades of study the best idea was the super-critical wing that reduced drag by 10%. Nothing else is available ...

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