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The design presented is based on the continued need for providing structural elements in space at optimum cost, appropriate utilization and reutilization. This concept describes a simple flanged beam with interlocking edges. When placed together, the geometry results in a cylindrical structure that, as shown in the drawings,

Problem: It takes a lot of manpower to search an entire nation for weapons of mass destruction, as we learned in the Iraq War.

Solution: Have a swarm of robots lend some extra hands. Imagine a chassis mounted with a Geiger counter (for nuclear weapons),

Ducted Fans have been used in a wide range of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerospace vehicles, including manned and unmanned systems. This paper focuses on performance improvement of ducted fans in forward flight applied to VTOL UAV and Tiltrotor aerial vehicles.

With specimen of sea ships it is necessary to apply in planes modular construction of the passenger cabin. Everyone should have a module castle enabling the hermetic sublation from the rest of the plane.

This project focuses primarily on the Sailfish Aerodynamics. The idea is to use the shape of the sailfish in a hybrid energy aircraft. The Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) is the fastest fish in the world with a speed of 68 mph (108.8 Km/h).

Robot is a machine to execute different task repeatedly with high precision. Thereby many functions like collecting information and studies about the hazardous sites which is too risky to send human inside. Robots are used in different types like fire fighting robot, metal detecting robot, etc.

Two-dimensional detector arrays of thermal infrared imagers are expensive, especially at medium and high resolutions. A 10,000 pixel imager costs about $1,600. An 80,000 pixel device costs about $5,500, and an imager with near 3x105 pixels costs about $20,000. Now assume that,

The structure of a spacecraft is designed to support the maximum quasi-static loads (accelerations) that it will be subjected to during its launch phase. These loads are a combination of the steady-state static loads and low frequency sinusoidal loads.

PRODUCT: SKILL CAPACITY© is a user-customizable, mobile skills assessment and performance evaluation “template” that will provide any DoD/SOF training program, skills evaluation program, etc., with the ability to identify, define and grade tangible fundamental skills (PST), advanced technical/tactical/physical (motor, psycho-motor) skills or the intangible and or, cognitive,

SkyAuto will be a two-seater VTOL [Vertical Take Off &Landing Aircraft]. Having three small jet engines mounted at three sides of the VTOL, it will fly using "auto-pilot." My aim is to make it for defense transportation with enhanced security and advanced navigation.

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