Aerospace & Defense

Drone Swarm Defense System.

• What problem does your design idea solve?

Countering extremely high speed, potentially explosive projectiles that are trying to blow up very expensive ships.

• What are the potential benefits?
Functioning defense, relatively inexpensive compared to what it is protecting. Easy to replace,

It is possible to make plastically deformable metal rich ceramics with melting temperatures over 2,500C by sintering them under high pressure exceeding 1 GPa up to 2 GPa and high temperature over 2,000C. These deformable ceramics are useful for using as turbine blades for gas turbine engines,

EED Creates the Future 2013

Goal: Create an electric energy device (EED) system for usage in transportation like an aircraft or automobile. Cost effective, practical, and dependable. The transportation will operate, except without the necessity of fossil fuel.

Utilize RTGs (Radioisotopic Thermal Generators) to generate 35-75 KWe during emergencies, for sustaining our critical infrastructure.

Heat from the RTGs would either generate electricity using thermocouples or using heat exchangers to generate a simple steam cycle turbine generator.

The advantages include: Small relative sizes, ease of mobility,

The greatest challenge in the field of aviation is to meet the growing concern of depleting fuel source for efficient propulsion of the vehicle. The advanced propulsion techniques look at tackling the challenges with an innovative aero engine.

This project is very simple. I'm 1,84 mt tall and all the time I'm travelling around the word I have to stay a lot of hours seated so, for me, many time this is a big problem and I think it's also a problem for a lot of people.

Being able to adjust airfoil profile within flight
-By means of fluid pressure being pumped into hexagonial chambers inside a flexible skin covering a standard wing structure each individual cell has its own valve and pressure sensor fluid being used is jet fuel as to keep total component

This is a design for a mobile aerial solar power plant (MASP) that uses the large surface area and heavy lifting capabilities of a remote-piloted airship to provide a platform for the collection, storage,

Plasma propulsion engines which are currently used in space missions use the kinetic energy of the plasma itself to generate the thrust required by the spacecraft. My idea, instead,

SWAG Aircraft ----------Future is in Nature!

Fastest flying animals have two main advantages upon classical aircraft: Smart shape and flight mechanics.
WHY? They flew millions of years ago ( 160 ) and so have taken out the very best solution for an economic flight.

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