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Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) are being developed by the U.S government for scientific and military operations like surveillance. The MAV’s can be used with spy-cameras, microphones and other sensors that can take pictures,

Design of underwater cum aerial quadrotor
The basic idea of having a quadrotor that can be used underwater and in air is to improve the operating environment of the quadrotor. The quadrotors can be coated from Ultra-Ever dry to make them superhydrophobic (which would make it effective underwater).

The Gravity Development Board (GDB) will revolutionize the high-level prototyping experience and replace the Arduino Uno® as the peoples’ preferred microcontroller. Designed as a tool for developing hardware and software systems, the GDB is the first space tolerant,

The thrust of a solid propellant rocket depends directly upon the burning surface area of the solid grain. Therefore we try to modify the shape of the solid propellant grain to get the maximum surface area.

Variable Ammunition is not yet available. In making this statement, we want to elaborate on the concept of cartridge ammunition. Cartridge ammunition consists of modules that are composed of several components, such as: cartridge case, igniter, powder charge and bullet.

The subject invention relates to a mechanical geometric formula that allows universalizing and building rotary mechanisms, among them are combustion engines, hydraulic motors, air motors, air compressors or gas, and bombs and hidracrílicas vaco, etc.

The goal of this project is to build and test a kite powered electrical generator. Kites are being deployed successfully for powering large ships weighing 440 tons over long haul distances of nearly 12,000 miles.


Gonioreflectometer is a device that measures bi-directional reflectance distribution function (BRDF). Large Goniometer encompasses three actuated axes to position its two payload platforms independently around the sample to perform that task.

The Problem: The technology to do the above already exists, but all the components of the system have to be utterly safe and reliable. One of the critical components in such a system is the servo-actuator that operates the controls of the vehicle, unmanned or not. Currently,

The boundary-layers that occur on wings of flying aircraft have both laminar and turbulent-flow regions. Laminar-flow starts at the leading-edge and is felt on the forward part of both wing surfaces. Depending upon the local Reynold's Number, the degree of free-stream turbulence,

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