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There is a need for fast, efficient, safe travel over the water. To achieve speeds in excess of 100 knots, the craft will have to employ aerodynamic alleviation to rise above the water surface. Introducing the Bayou Skimmer,

The Problem:

Be careful what you wish for you might get it. We needed detailed information on the dangers of radiation for spacefarers so we instrumented the LRO and Curiosity missions to give us this data.

Want to know what it feels like to be in space, without actually having to go into orbit or travel to the moon?

Space Synapse’s Earth Rider venture allows you to do just this.

The Hyperion solar array would be a constellation of transpolar satellites equipped with retractable reflective dishes. When deployed, the dishes redirect sunlight toward any asteroid or comet that threatens the Earth. The redirected sunlight can be used in many ways.

Paradoxically, the idea that underlies “On the Origin of Species,” written by Charles Darwin comes from geology. Just as rivers have created large geological formations so natural selection has created animals with an optimal configuration, relative to the environment in which they live.

Time Dilation Machine: Includes a rotating colder than absolute zero superconductor rotated by an array of nuclear gamma pico-lasers. Powered by either an anti-matter battery or fusion or fission power. The rotation of the superconductor is stabilized by electro-static bearings on each side.

The primary goal of the UMCAV is to provide a platform that can be adapted for multiple purposes using modular frames and parts, requiring little effort to switch between variations. While any system will have its pros and cons,

• What problem does your design idea solve?
Future Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups (ACBG) will be facing the very real threat of swarm attacks by dozens or even hundreds of hypersonic missiles. With the ongoing advancement of modern missile technology,

Our solar-blind filter permits direct imaging of the UV absorption and reflection characteristics from an object, and has many applications. Imaging at UV wavelengths is useful in atmospheric monitoring (SO2) and in secure communication.


Vibration energy harvesting (VEH) is the process of capturing available free energy from the local environment (e.g airframe structural vibrations) and converting it into an electrical form. While there are commercially available vibration energy harvesters,

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