The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute recently developed a research tool — the Daysimeter — for measuring personal circadian light exposures and activity levels. Through use of the Daysimeter and associated software, LRC researchers are able to interpret light as a stimulus to the circadian system, quantify circadian disruption, and prescribe light treatments for adjusting circadian phase to mitigate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, seasonal affective disorder, jet lag, and sleep deprivation. LRC researchers are using the Daysimeter to investigate the relationship between light exposure and performance — improving performance through circadian entrainment.

Circadian rhythms repeat approximately every 24 hours and affect biology at every level. Light is the main stimulus that helps the circadian clock, thus ...

Health benefit background:

Accupressure therapy involves pressing points on the body with fingers, hands or balls as in this case illustrated below, to alter the internal flow of a supposed vital force of energy called chi, strengthening it, calming it or removing a blockage of flow.

Accupressure is one of a number of treatment methods regularly used in traditional Chinese medicine where pressure points are aligned along 14 bodily meridians or pathways. Some well controlled studies suggest that acupressure can be effective for a number of health problems, including nausea, pain and stroke related weakness. A single point may be pressed for relief from a particular symptom or condition or to promote overall well-being of the body. The force ...

TriWheel walker wheel system, intended to make the use of walkers more safe and easier to use on rough or uneven surfaces.

TriWheel replaces the single wheel assembly on walker legs with three wheels mounted on a triangular base that rotates as necessary to travel over rough surfaces without having to lift the walker. Optional additional flexible track fits around the three wheels for additional surface adaptability.

Baseplate: Equilateral triangle with holes at each corner of the triangle to mount wheels and a hole in the center to mount the assembly to the adjustable leg of the walker.

Baseplate with wheels and walker leg extension depicted. Dashed line around wheels represents optional flexible track. Assembly size flexible based on ...

The World Health Organization estimates that in 2013, 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. An insulin pump has been shown to greatly improve the control of blood sugars and the health of diabetics, yet the cost remains out of reach to nearly all.

Currently, commercial insulin pumps cost between $5000 and $6000. This project explores how an individual could manufacture an insulin pump using approximately $50 (retail cost, quantity=1) of readily available materials. Manufacturers could be expected to lower this cost greatly through wholesale pricing and economies of scale.

This project is intended to show proof of concept that an ultra-low-cost insulin pump is feasible, and it is not intended to design an “Insulin Pump Kit.”

This will be ...

The new external defibrillator system would offer a 50x decrease in weight and 150x decrease in volume of the existing external field defibrillators, making it attractive for forward battlefield deployment by the US Armed Forces and for commercial/agency use.

For the latter, it would add defibrillation capability to first responders such as 'lightly equipped' motorcycle- and foot patrol policemen and other ‘roaming’ personnel. Timely application of defibrillation is universally accepted as being crucial for positive outcomes of a sudden heart attack due to a ventricular fibrillation.

Our underlying technology is based on the existing proven miniature implantable defibrillators. Our analysis shows that if the impedance of the skin is bypassed, defibrillation pulse energy demand is greatly reduced: from 300-400 ...

Simple Urinary Catheterization Without The Mess!

The Problem:
The current catheterization procedure for a Mitrofanoff urostomy is to use a catheter and a syringe, emptying the bladder one syringeful at a time, uncoupling, emptying into a bowl, recoupling and drawing the next syringeful. The biggest risk is spilling urine next to the patient, likely onto a bed. The Mitrofanoff utilizes stomach tissue grafted into the bladder, increasing urine volume but also introducing mucous into the urine, which if not flushed out, can cause bladder stones or infections. This sediment is usually removed by a complicated irrigation technique, where the trick is to keep all implements clean that introduce fluid into the bladder for flushing. It gets complicated quickly.


Base Re-Alignment and Closure (BRAC) has closed many military bases that have Health Care facilities that can remain opened and assist with the local communities for which the BRAC has effected.

The low-income persons needing Medical/Dental/Special health needs can obtain these from trained military personnel. In turn, this activity will aid the military in preparing for war and deployed efforts world-wide.

It is a Win/Win for both ...

Direct imaging of the UV absorption or reflection of an object has many applications in medical diagnosis and research. Examples are: identifying abnormal tissue growth, identifying invisible dermal damage, tracking the effectiveness of drug treatments, and others. Many biological molecules absorb UV light, thereby permitting the temporal and spatial monitoring of their concentration. Our innovation provides more information that the typically used UV fluorescence technique. Fluorescent systems require a complex, expensive steep-edge filter to reject the stimulating UV source and permit the fluorescing visible light to be observed, while our approach is simpler and less expensive to implement.

A high degree of Isolation of a band of wavelengths in the UV range at wavelengths shorter than ~400 ...

Our first product is the LaparoTense, a minimally invasive diagnostic surgical tool that enables personalization of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions. The LaparoTense is unique in that it determines the final tension within the graft, which is the most critical factor for the success of the surgery, while staying consistent with the current laparoscopic surgical approach.

In conjunction with the LaparoTense, we will determine and supplement optimal tensions based on graft type and important patient-specific factors, such as gender, age, weight and activity level, all of which have a large bearing on the requirements of the joint. This results in true personalization of the surgical procedure, which significantly improves patient outcomes while reducing error rates and healthcare costs.

Currently, ...

A traumatic brain injury is caused by a severe impact such as a blow or jolt to the head that injures the brain. Such impacts may result in concussion or, in extreme cases, death.

Most traumatic brain injury patients must be diagnosed and treated rapidly to prevent long-term impairment. Post trauma, it is essential to measure various vital signs of the brain such as pressure, oxygenation, pH, CO2, etc. to determine its status. Currently instrumentation to measure these parameters exists, but they must be placed in or on the brain to collect the appropriate data.

The medical practitioner must drill through the cranial bone protecting the brain at specific angles to accurately place these minimally invasive instruments. The angle ...

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