Based on paper : Meyburg et.al. 2009 One Liver for Four Children: First Clinical Series of Liver Cell Transplantation for Severe Neonatal Urea Cycle Defects
( DOI: 10.1097/TP.0b013e318199936a ) : "The cell suspension was applied manually over 20 to 60 min per session and was gently shaken during the procedure to avoid cell sedimentation." Sedimentation must be avoided during process of cell transplantation.

This process can be improved by supplying mounting for syringe pump that set-up vertically using KDS LEGATO 110 SINGLE SYRINGE INFUSE/WITHDRAW PROGRAMMABLE ( http://www.kdscientific.com/products/pumps/legato110.asp )

The mounting is attach to ceiling wall of operating table that leveled by water pass to ensure vertical setup.

This simple setup eliminate sedimentation effect in injection process of cell ...

Over 25 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, and of those, 16 million are between the ages of 18-64. Due to the longevity of asthma, it is ranked as one of the top five most expensive diseases, costing the US over $63 billion annually according to WebMD. Over 60% of asthmatics own a peak flow meter (PFM); however, only about 35% actually use their PFM due to varying factors. Regular use of a reliable PFM and monitoring of one’s respiratory vitals would create a better asthma management plan, and in-turn, reduce the effects and severity of their asthma. A rapidly aging population, rising incidences of COPD, technical advances in the respiratory care devices market and tight budgets of ...

To improve the exoskeleton project

Abstract. This invention aims to help people who became paralytic after spinal cord injury to walk again using their arms (thanks to a robotic set attained to arms and legs). Remember at the beginning human being ancestors have been able to move by using synchronously their four legs. They were quadruped or quadrumane. Nowadays, walking stability greatly depends on arms movement. Thus, this project will help paralytic people to improve their mobility without using wheelchairs, crutches or walkers. Even in case of falling, paralytic people could use their hands and their arms to stand up again. This system will allow paralytic people to get equilibrium like when healthy people move on bicycles. We can ...

My ear plugs are the only dry plugs that are designed to be used underwater and are for all water activities.

Current dry earplugs for water activities (swimming etc.) create a .45lb psi pressure differential between the earplug and the ear drum for every 1' they are submerged below the surface, At 10' underwater there is nearly a 5lb psi pressure problem, seeking to rupture the tympanic membrane.

Utilizing a unique patented peel & stick method of attachment (they do not penetrate the outer ear canal when used as a medical device)and employing one of the many new, medical, waterproof, tacky, skin safe, silicone adhesives with the flexible silicone flange section on the earplug guarantees a water tight seal ...

This device is for the transmission of energy to the electrical system of the body via wireless inductive coupling. It is designed to serve in several capacities:

1. A source of stable amplitude on a particular vector to neuronal tissues of the body without surgical invasion.
2. A means of resonant coupling from an external circuital device of a characteristic frequency such that energy is transferred sympathetically (wirelessly) to neuronal tissues.
3. A method of using the magnetic potential of the human body to tune the external device via feedback so that the transfer is more efficient and power regulated to the inductive “draw” of current the neuronal cells require.

In each of the capacities, it is used in ...

This concept is for several wound dressing conditions. Foremost to me is burn wound dressings. Burn patients suffer from pain when their dressings are changed. One use of this concept is to pump numbing and sterile gels in between the dressing and the wound. This can create an even hydraulic separation between the wound and the dressing that could help remove the dressing in a less painful way than peeling a dressing off of the wound.

Other such dressings can be made to flow gels and liquid agents through the dressing, over the wound and then evacuate the fluids from the wound. This flow can be continuous or intermittent. In cases of enzyme debridement, the agent can be pushed ...

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