Based upon university research, the electro-less 3D Micro-liter incubator array can be deployed and distributed to organizations in the developing world to mitigate pandemics and accelerate vaccine development in the developed world.

We are a medical device start up called Exo Dynamics. Our first product is based on Daniel Johnson PhD work. Exo Dynamics currently has an option agreement with the University of Michigan to use the IP for further busines development.

The present invention relates to an expander for the lower part of the body which expander can be easily used at home and other places by anybody for straightening the lumbar to prevent lower back pains and strengthening the leg and abdomen muscles.

The Eye Glove is designed to help visual impaired people live better. The Eye Glove translates object distance into pressure along the finger, allowing for a much more accurate spacial perception for the user.

A laser distance meter captures the object distance in real time,

The main objective of our project is to develop a wheelchair which can be controlled by the movement of the eyes for the mobility of the old and physically disabled. In our project we are using a goggle to which we are fitting two eye tracking sensors.

There are many female condoms designed till now. A basic need in the recent times of spreading diseases and more awareness among women. However, the designs have quite failed to capture the customer need and is uncomfortable to assemble and put it on.

The loss of vision through retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration is a slow torture many have been forced to endure. Retinal prosthesis are beginning to change all that though electrical stimulation. In a healthy human retina,

I have developed a machine that aids stroke and head injuries patients to learn to walk and improve motor skills.

Hospitals are losing the fight against nosocomial infections that affect 1.4 million people per day, and killing 100,000 in the US annually. We aim to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) by 30%, saving patient lives and hospital treatment costs.

Executive Summary
HealthViewer™ is a next-generation, interactive software that connects the doctor and patient. It’s a decision support tool (DST) used by providers to promote shared decision-making and by patients to understand the landscape of their diagnosis, the treatment options,

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