A “feather-weight”, non-conductive, non-metallic (no wires or metal connections at or near the light-emitting fabric surface), flexible, machine-washable visual display that is embedded into apparel fabric materials via CNC machines.

The objective of this project is to understand, manipulate and enhance the dexterity of a robotic hand, and its controlling by various methods (in our case, a potentiometer fitted Exoskeleton Glove).

Our project may be a useful alternative for people who have lost their arm.

The system Suction or aspiration of fluids or secretions Bodily is used in a large number of surgeries worldwide, this system allows fluids collect in a container (Liner) safely and without risk of contamination, there are currently Different Products as rigid disposable Canister disposable suction liners,

The Problem:
The world is facing a global cancer crisis. 13.7 million new cancer cases and 8.6 million cancer deaths occurred worldwide in 2011. More than half of the new cases, and nearly two-thirds of deaths, were in developing countries. Despite substantial innovations,

}Patented DAMPS TM Technology utilizes opposing super magnets to reduce heel strike over 68%, as recorded with F-Scan pressure surface mapping testing for Special Operation Forces (SOF) in 2006.

SAIC (Science International Applications Corporation)in San Diego,

The project focuses on analysis and design of a special hospital bed designed for the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation. The bed is adjusted for the use at the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation not only with its look but also with its functions.

The rise of the diseases today has been attributed to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle and habits such as smoking, high alcohol and carbonated drink consumption, and heavy consumption of junk food that are extremely high in cholesterol and sugar content.

Measuring the volume of urine (or liquids) and monitoring it at bedside or central station of units at hospitals
are very important.

In my design, by a simple and cheap way we can monitor the volume of urine and liquids.This design is independent of cylindrical container for each patient.

This is a device intended for use as a external ventricular assist device or as a direct cardiac replacement. The current state of the art consists of air powered heart pump devices. This device is electric and runs on a battery.

The exquisite sensitivity and specificity of antibody based assays is limited by their discontinuous nature. Separate samples must be withdrawn and tested to determine changes in the concentration of an analyte over time. This proposal focuses on a way to make antibody-based assays continuous, i.e.,

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