The project undertaken precisely aims at improving blind spot visibility. We basically concentrated our research on A- pillar of the car chassis over the driver side which tends to block away sizable vehicles, when one’s car reaches an intersection. Thus we came up with a solution of TRANSPARENT A- PILLARS using suitable material which may effectively enhance visibility issues thereby not compromising its function of providing support to the car frame as well.

The material we plan to implement for this task is Aluminium oxynitride (ALON), which shows excellent characteristic properties for this job. This concept will also lead to better design aesthetics so that a driver does not feel his connection ...


Due to the increasing inflation in our country currently, the exchange of our goods from one place to other with heavy vehicles has become a money consuming process. A bag which can withstand a luggage of 500 kg and more efficient and can be used by all people including children and old people is designed in three models.


1.) Causes no interruption during travel.
2.)All level people can make use of it.
3.)Comes in to great use when there is a necessary ...

The engine design basically aims at extracting energy out of heat which otherwise would be lost to coolant and exhaust pipe. Basically in this design, we have clubbed a two stroke and a four stroke from two different axes.

So when the fuel is ignited by means of compression or by spark plug, the heat generated by compression is utilized to push piston in all four direction thus giving maximum expansion opportunity for burning gases thereby reducing the exhaust loss and so temperature comes down further leading to reduction in heat transfer loss. These two losses make up to % of the total loss in an engine.

It is based on the principle of “law of conservation ...

The objective of this project is to determine and analyze the flow through a V4 IC engine carburetor for single throttle opening condition (100% opening). The modeling of the product is done by Catia V5 R20. The model is developed with a throttle opening and closing mechanism. Polyamide (PA11) is selected as the material for fabrication.

The newly developed design is subjected for finite element analysis using software. CFD tetrahedral meshing is done by Hperworks 11.0. In order to simplify the component, Solid domain and fluid domain is separated using the same software.

Air-Fuel mixture flow analysis is carried out using the CFD tool in Ansys 13.0. The flow evaluation is done for different mass ...

Basic Concept:

* A network of devices that tracks the position/speed of vehicles on roadways and provides feedback to vehicles about other traffic conditions as well as environmental (Ice) conditions of roadway. Allows real-time position and speed control of vehicles via feedback for vehicles equipped with receivers.

The devices would replaces the current inter-lane marking bumps "Botts’ Dots" with Smart Bumps.

The devices will use GPS and local RFID to transmit lane position, speed information, and environmental conditions to vehicles equipped with receivers. The network of Smart Bumps will communicate with each other and set up a virtual grid for precise lane position on roadways.

The devices will transmit traffic data to local agencies for traffic monitoring.

The devices ...

PRV performance has developed, patented, and tested an automotive air/fuel induction system to improve engine torque and volumetric efficiency. Improved pre-mixing of fuel and air increases engine torque and lowers tailpipe emissions. The Pintle-regulated Venturi induction (PRV) improves fuel economy and torque by

* reducing piston pumping loss;
* pre-vaporizing fuel upstream of the engine, thereby cooling the fuel/air mixture and lowering the mixture density; and
* eliminating fuel stratification on the cylinder walls.

Throttle plates are highly effective -- but highly inefficient -- throttling devices. To overcome the inefficiency of the throttle plate, a variable area Venturi has been developed, patented [1], designed, and tested. The resulting design is a Venturi induction system whereby the Venturi area is ...

Nowadays, the “non-demountable” trend of IC engine diagnostics is becoming ever more widespread. One of the techniques used in such diagnostics is vibroacoustic monitoring. It is used in safety and ecology, but not in in car workshops. Keeping in mind that this method may be used for all kinds of mechanisms, vibroacoustic diagnostic tool for IC engine has a great potential.

Vibroacoustic technique is based on sound analysis. Traditional approaches to analysis of physically realized signals, patterns and time series generated by complex polymodal dynamic systems are generally based on statistical methods, and more often on spectral correlation methods and their variations. And here, the dynamic nature of the processes that generate signals is made insignificant by ...

Wheeled vehicles move well only on smooth solid terrain. On soft ground, wheels slip and are bogged down depending on the ground softness, wetness, wheel diameter, etc. They have low efficiency on soft ground, because wheels have higher compactive resistance and low drawbar pull compared with tracked vehicles. Besides, wheeled agricultural machines, such as tractors, have limited use, since they compact newly digged soil and damage grass due to higher pressure of wheels on ground. The tracked vehicles on the other hand have large contact area on ground and consequently less pressure on ground, higher drawbar pull and lower compactive resistance, but they have lower speed, lower maneuverability and they damage the ground when steering.

The proposed walking ...

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience demonstrates the potential benefits that next generation of Class 8 over the road truck powertrains can provide through leading edge aerodynamics, improved fuel economy, component electrification, and a fuel neutral capability.

Turbines have been evaluated in the past for their high efficiency at cruise, light weight, low maintenance, and not needing coolant. Off-peak efficiency was challenged, and thus efforts were tabled.

Hybrid Electric Trucks have been evaluated over the last couple years, but due to the size of the energy storage needed, were deemed not ready for primetime, as the industry waited for the price of lithium ion batteries to come down.

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience combines the best features of both into ...


Nowadays the main reasons for global warming are increasing: rapid industrialization, automobiles and deforestation. Though there are different methods to reduce the pollution in the diesel engine of the automobiles it is not possible to reduce the pollution up to 40% to 50% from diesel engine which operates at different loads. However in our project at the 1st stage itself the pollution has been reduced to 45% but now fixing addition two devices the emission is reduced nearly 70% in diesel engine.

in this project the emission characteristics were studied on four stroke diesel engine., Exhaust emission such as hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide etc smoke level were measured by passing the ...

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