This project is intended to eliminate the confusion of pressing three different pedals of a 4-wheeler while driving by simplifying the process. It optimizes the position of the ABC pedals (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch).

While the driver has only two operating links, a normal 4-wheeler has three pedals, i.e. ABC, say operating levers. So the driver has to operate three pedals with two feet which takes bit of time and practice before becoming a good driver. This is supported by the fact that generally people take more time to get used with four wheelers compared with two wheeler and for the very same reason driving classes are more extensive for four wheeler. New learners have to look down at ...

Developed to prevent crashes, injures, fatalities and economic losses associated with unsecured loads. According to NHTSA 51,000 crashes with 10,000 injuries and 440 known fatalities happen in 2010. Currently GOA is collecting data on the problem unsecured loads have on traffic accidents, injuries, fatalities and economic impact that effects everyone on the road and taxpayers.

The Gladiator Cargo Nets are widely used by government, commercial fleets and everyday haulers, where safety is a priority. Constructed using combination webbing and heavy-duty mesh fabric gives the Gladiator Cargo Net the advantage over any other cargo net on the market. Rugged yet flexible with 60 to 180 grommet's to anchor the net to your vehicle, it comes in sizes to fit any ...


Tarzan amazed the world performing incredible feats.

One of them was his unique way to travel long distances in the jungle, fast and spending no energy. He developed an almost perfect conservative system. First Tarzan energized that system by climbing a tall tree. Then that potential energy was converted into kinetic energy by swinging in a liana. This conversion allowed him to travel fast and effortlessly. Finally the potential energy was restored when Tarzan reached the next tree. The process was repeated as needed.

Fig. 1.- Tarzan’s jungle transportation system.


The idea is to use the own weight of the train to generate part of its acceleration when going downhill and its des-acceleration by going uphill. The ...

Designed for the demanding applications found in today’s high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles, Parker’s GVM Series of traction motors offer lower weight and higher power in a smaller package than other traction motors on the market.

The GVM motors have been tested to and meet SAEJ1455 environmental standards.
Parker’s GVM Series motors incorporate an innovative winding design and Parker’s exclusive cooling implementation, which features a patent-pending internal cooling technology. Coupling these two performance-enhancing features together yield much higher torque per unit size than conventionally constructed permanent magnet motors and creates the core for Parker's standard product line that can deliver 19 kW to 400 kW of power output with 95% efficiency.

The GVM line of traction motors has unprecedented ...

The present specially designed vehicle for the physically challenged person which can be driven and controlled by legs in which the steering control is transferred from hands to legs by a technical modification. The whole embodiment of the invention function dependently with all technical configuration of hallow and solid shafts, ball bearings, teethed wheel, gear chain , and circular plate, electrical, additional wheels and other integral components.

The technical field relates to the hands free motorbike for the physically challenged person. More specifically the invention relates to foot control steering plate incorporated with Ignition system, accelerator and brake pedals comprising electrical indicators (Sound horn, Flash and Direction lights). The invention further provides two ...

The Band Aid would cover the cuts after we cleaned them and stopped the blood, but they would not pull the cut together. If the injury were to get bumped it would bleed again.

Why could we not have a Band Aid that was elastic on all sides. One would stretch the bandage and apply it to the wound from one direction and then stretch it in the second direction and apply again. The new Band Aid would squeeze the injury closed rather than leave it open to bleed ...

How to build a flying bicycle for everyday use. – First, base the design on proven technologies combined in an innovative manner. Second, use human power where the human engine is most efficient and electric where electric power is most efficient. Third, reduce the drag to the extremes used in human powered speed competitions.

Start with an inflatable wing for very light weight, as used by Woopy Fly (as in the first image). A properly shaped inflatable wing will have a thick aspect ratio controlled by the internal ribs with all members in tension. The thick wing will produce more Bernoulli lift than Newtonian lift and thus have lower drag. The higher the L/D ratio, the better for ...



With the motive of serving society with engineering concepts, we have designed and fabricated a Three Wheeler (2 wheels @ front) named TRIKE with there following features:

• Operates on Solar energy/Battery power
• Reduced 3-Wheeler Accident Ratio
• Reverse Direction of Motion specially designed for physically challenged
• Good shock & vibration control
• Improved balancing design
• Cost-effective
• Eco-friendly & easily repairable vehicle

Vehicle is operated by Hub Made - BLDC Motor powered by 4 Nimh(nickel metal hydride batteries) & it will last for 10 years. Batteries are charged by 4 Solar Panels (80W each @ 30'c) & also can be charged ...

In automobiles, alternative fuel as replacement of conventional fuel is used, due to its
depletion and amount of emission, and has given way to Electric, CAT vehicles.

The gap between current technology and zero emission vehicles can be bridged by hybrid technology. Hybrid vehicles are those which can run on two or more fuels.

This technology maximizes the advantages of two fuels and minimizes disadvantages of the same. Best preferred hybrid is electric and fossil fuel.

Here, we explore hybrid technology in a two wheeler.

Hybrid technology is a need of the future which exhibits a variety of dynamical phenomena as it uses power of two fuel sources combined into one moped and it has been attracting research interest ...

Humanity is looking for greener and more efficient transportation for fighting the global issues. Keeping this in mind, my Team ThunderBolt ( http://www.nitw.ac.in/sae/thunderbolt ) set out to design and fabricate a two seater hybrid trike, run on human-cum-battery power. It is highly engineered, safe and ergonomically designed, commercially viable as a product attractive to the consumers.

+Short distance transportation
+Urban mobility transformation
+No air and noise pollution and lesser carbon footprints.
+Ergonomically designed
+Health benefits
+Stable in all terrain conditions

+Unique transmission system in which inverted differential is used to transmit power of humans independently through pedals at different rpm
+Accelerator control for combining any proportion of electric power to support human power
+Impact Energy Diffuser for ...

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