The concept of self-organizing tendencies, although touched upon in domains such as physics, chemistry, search methodology and biology, has recently gained increased acceptance owing to discoveries in nanotechnology and astrophysics. Advances in nanotechnology are rapidly expanding the scope of understanding of the fundamental mysteries of this universe. Biology is introduced here as a possible example of a quantum-level self-organizing effect. The use of this quantum self-organizing effect will most certainly initialize a paradigm shift in how things are manufactured and will offer a pathway to technological advancements in many areas of science as well as possibly heralding the emergence of a new domain of science. At a fundamental level, the elements needed to repeatedly manufacture any complex structure or ...

To reduce the speed of the fast moving vehicles automatically, speed
breakers are used with Witricity technique. A power line is laid under the road with a series of coils of a certain frequency, at places where the speed of the vehicle has to be reduced. Every vehicle has a coil in it which has the same resonant frequency as the underground coil. Whenever a vehicle approaches the speed breaker, the magnetic
field produced from the underground coil makes the coil in the vehicle to resonate with the same frequency. Due to this current gets induced in the coil of the vehicle. The current which gets induced is then sent to a current comparator where it is compared ...

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