Problem 1: Knowledge innovation will be developed and experimented in the areas of light industry. Those areas are currently facing crucial development choices in re-defining their character. Particularly, in the area of cotton processing,

In the recent years, there have been considerable research achievements worldwide by exploring potential applications in hazardous and unmanned environments. The typical applications of climbing robots includes urban search and rescue in civil and military applications, reliable non-destructive evaluation and diagnosis in the nuclear industry,

A gasoline or natural gas powered, computer controlled pogo stick, for clearing mine fields. The ground tip of the pogo stick should be of blast absorbing material and easily changed. Thousands of mine fields exist through out the world. The pogo stick receives GPS signals,

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are lost due to human errors in the layout of construction information. When an architect has finished their drawings and they need translated to the freshly poured foundation of a building,

The theory of the continuous power stroke rotary engine, CPSRE, is designed to reduce the loss of energy that occurs while transferring the combustion energy to the output shaft. In CPSRE, the energy produced by combustion is transferred to the rotor which is directly keyed to the output shaft.

Continuous Deposition Arc Foaming is a Geomimetic 3D Printing process that allows for large-scale production of stochastic foams of a variety of materials including glass, metal, cermet, and fullerenes. Proof-of-Concept has been achieved by nature with fulgurite.

Imagine a world where everything is produced near the location its used or consumed, long distance freight is rarely needed, and recycling is close to 100%

In our current model these are not realistic assumptions, but with pervasive computing, cheap sensors, and digital design - it is certainly possible.

The recognition drone for inaccessible areas was designed to help in the maintenance of areas with poor accessibility to humans, reducing the costs and riskiness, making it perfect for maintenance, monitoring and strategic planning operations in hazardous areas.

The aim of this thesis was to develop a test setup that determines tensile strength of additive manufactured plastic parts under varying climatic conditions. The test setup had to be integrated into a climate chamber with limited dimensions.

Fuel cells are the future power sources of automobiles and other electrical appliances. In manufacturing of fuel cell platinum coating is an important process to achieve high efficiency in performance of the fuel cell. This coating process is key in achieving efficient output from fuel cell.

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