The main objective of this hand operated car mechanism is to provide driving experience to handicapped people (which is handicapped by leg not by hand). In this car mechanism all controls are in hand like the accelerator, brake and clutch. Into this the accelerator is placed in steering,

Paddy fields in Kuttanad, (Kerala) are unique because it's one of only two places in the world where agriculture is done below sea level. About 55,000 hectares, reclaimed from the surrounding backwaters for paddy cultivation along with an outer bund are made into a cluster of fields called polders.

Development of a Humanoid Robot Wrist (HRW) comprising of a 3-DOF mechanism, which can perform all possible motions equivalent to human wrist.
Viz. Palmar-dorsal flexion, radial-ulnar abduction and Wrist twisting.
Proposed Research work aims at following:
1. Design of Humanoid Robot Wrist (HRW) with three DOF’

Lubricants are widely used in modern technology in order to reduce friction in moving mechanisms of motors, bearings, gears, etc. and to reduce friction in the machining of structural and other materials in machine tools (turning, milling, grinding, etc.). In terms of production and use,

Bimba Manufacturing
University Park, IL

IntelliSense® is a “smart” technology platform that combines sensors and software to deliver real-time performance data for pneumatic devices. For the first time users will be able to employ condition-based monitoring to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization,

My invention (US patent 8,689,766, patent pending in Poland, see attached illustrations) provides the optimal form of internal combustion spherical engine, i.e. an engine with substantially spherical working chamber. The engine construction is based on a specific form of the spherical four bar mechanism that I invented.

Ixnamiki Ome is a rescue robot that aims to take action in disaster areas, which may be those who were shaken by a Tsunami, a mudslide, flood zone, armed conflict, fire etc.,

Rapid Generator is laser operated automatic machine to serve two purposes; first, it can generate new 3D components as per design and; second, it can produce a copy of an existing component.

Library plays a vital role in the development of any country. In most of the Libraries, the stock verification is done manually and it is very difficult too; of course, it consumes more time and human resources. Even though, with the help of barcode scanner,

Brief description from Fig 1 (In attachment)

1) Aluminium fabricated frame has four adjustable catchers which are mounted on a lead screw. This lead screw is rotated with the help of 2 stepper motors +/ - X axis & +/ -Y axis ,

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