The economic status of developing countries like India is broadly determined by agriculture yield, and for the sustainable development of agriculture productivity as well to reduce the unnecessary consumption of water for irrigation, as the water resources depleting is a dangerous threat.

From the age of stone, agriculture has been a major source of income generation and source of life. Lot of developments have been done in this direction to create it as an innovative and substantial occupation for the future generation.

This machine is designed to be used in industries for decoding a data matrix printed on bottles of various sizes. In the system,

Imagine you are an explorer and you are exploring in a deeper forest or a cave. Isn’t it helpful if you have a map of that area? Well, our mapper provides you with a 3D map of the area.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." In today's day and age simplicity means reliability and cost effectiveness. The product we are introducing validates yesterday's and today's meaning of simplicity.

Methods and Apparatus for Mitigating Space Debris with Autonomous SDCM's

New methods and apparatus comprising robust architectures capable of performing active or passive space debris collection/mitigation protocols are described. Systems for a solar-powered propulsion system used in combination with self-contained, remotely controlled space debris collection modules (SDCM’

The Problem:

Within the LADAR marketplace & Laser Scanner systems today, there are not any low cost, real time and high accuracy LADAR (LAser Detection And Ranging) laser scanner systems. This MKS LADAR Project is created to solve this Problem.

MobiCool Liquid cooling device
Mobicool liquid cooling device is a mobile cooling unit which contains a compact but power-full refrigeration unit connected with one handy cooling tube via flexible pipes which can cool any liquid by immersing the tube into liquid,

The Mondo Spider is a ride-on walking machine propelled via eight steel legs in a walking motion utilizing the Klann Linkage.

The first power source was two petrol two stoke engines (150cc) one is for right four legs and another is for left four legs.

The Mosolver - a combined Motor and Resolver - senses position by adding a patented passive sensing circuit to the interior of the existing motor magnetic structure.

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