There is a need for nanoscale pores and slits for nanotechnology medical and research applications that cannot be produced using even state of the art lithography and etch technology. More specifically,

Last year, I had gone to the bakery at our University (Penn State) for a tour as part of a cooking club team. One of the first things I noticed during the tour was a large oven that had a narrow opening.

QVLA is an LED based technology used for industrial position sensing. It utilizes an ultra-stable LED light source to fill a volume, such as a pneumatic cylinder, with diffuse light. As the amount of light measured within this volume changes,

1.....The albedo value--(i.e., the percentage of solar radiation that is reflected from a surface)--of sea water is only 5-10%, whereas the albedo value of fresh snow is 80-90%. Accordingly,


The formation of coal occurs over a long period of time after the debris on the bottom of temperate forests, and other forests that get a good amount of rainfall and level of organic debris.

Every year millions of people have to deal with damaged roads and potholes. The slow pace of repair work greatly hampers movement of people, goods and services and causes inconvenience to countless people. We intend to address the root cause of this problem,



The project aims at combining the designs of an earth mover as well as a robotic arm so as to provide flexibility in its working environment.

Contour Crafting (CC) is a computerized construction method that 3D Prints large-scale structures directly from architectural CAD models. Walls are built up by forming their outer surfaces via extrusion of a paste-like material, such as concrete,

A critical step in the purification process is the removal of excess solvent to provide a pure product for chemical analysis and subsequent use. The rotary evaporator is a basic tool for removing excess solvent.

The Next Generation Air Transportation System or NextGen is implementing or plans to implement a satellite-based air-traffic control system across the United States.

To The Next Generation Air Transportation System Planners:

The VTOL JetCar is coming!

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