Currently, manufactured parts are inspected with a device known as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). These machines use an electronic probe tipped with a ruby or ceramic ball. The probe presents the ball in motion (via mechanical elements driven by servo motors) at a precise vector to the surface of the part and records the timing, intensity and deflection angle of that ball to determine the exact point at which the probe makes contact with the part under inspection. The probing points are recorded in specialized software and the measurements are calculated by interpreting the points and extrapolating what the surface of the part may be like from that data.

A highly skilled programmer is required to create the ...

Goglio Milling Systems has designed a new milling head for milling machines.

At left there is one picture of a NTX 200 milling machine and one picture of the new milling head type with continuous positioning. Actually, the new head type looks like the old one.

The precision of the angular positioning is 0.001°, even though the other features of the head remain the same as the head with Hirth-coupling type:

The positioning is not given by a Hirth coupling with steps of 1°. In this new head, the positioning is given by a new kind of magnetic encoder that allows steps of 0,001°. The strength of the head is bigger than the previous ...

After a grand success in America this innovative model was introduced to the other parts of the world. This module and mechanism was mainly implemented by farmers in the agricultural sectors, and in areas of water supply for domestic purposes. According to the survey we Indians are using it meagerly.

For the Indian utility this apparatus is modified and modeled for lower expense and higher benefits. We can utilize this innovative model for a better present and best future.

The hole mechanism primarily depends on the velocity of the wind. The speed of the wind determeries the quantity of water. When the wind is circulated with high velocity over the blades of the turbine, when the ...

Novel Working Principle

As shown in picture and video, this new compressor works differently than all other styles. During the rotor translating circularly, the rotor teeth and shell teeth are engaged and form closed spaces which volume change is used to apply pressure to the gas inside.

With bypass slot for each compression chamber, the flow regulating plate can change the flow rate by simply rotating operation.

To reduce the test cost, the first prototype was designed as a small air compressor; its structure is easy to be turned into refrigeration application.

The prototype showed in picture doesn’t use exhaust control plate, but reed check valves to adapt variable pressure load. This prototype doesn't work because its output hole ...

We are three undergraduate students at the School of Mechanics of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In our opinion, computer data acquisition is a basic tool that we need to be used to use. That’s why we have decided to start by the digitalization of our old tensile test machine. To be able to do that, it is necessary at first to have the hardware & software.

The IT hardware we have:
• Tensile test 60 Ton AMSLER machine
• NI data adquisitor DAQ-9237 usb
• MTS extensometer
• 10 Ton Load cell

Software: NI LabVIEW

The main activity was to design software which could relate two signals (by the extensometer & load cell) and print ...

There was once a time when farmers had to work the land manually – then the task of farming was a long and tedious one lasting from dawn till dusk. Luckily many scientific advances have touched the field of agriculture. Agriculture machinery has witnessed innovative advancements since the day of hand tools to modern GPS control and computer controlled self – steering programs for modern tractors where little human intervention is needed.

 However, computer controlled machinery or robotics has yet to come to the world of onion planting. Onion planting is tedious, labor intensive, and increasingly expensive. Shortages in labor and higher cost necessitate the need for alternative methods to manual planting or even today’s most automated method of ...

India is a nation renowned for its street-food and Paanipuri is one of those delicacies which attracts every Indian. However, lack of hygiene of Indian vendors remains a major concern with this mouth-watering dish. While the number of cases of typhoid, jaundice, cholera and gastrointestinal diseases remain high, the attraction for this dish never dies off. In the simplest terms, Paanipuri consists of hollow, oval shaped, fried and crisp chip stuffed with spiced potato mash and flavored water. The problem of hygiene originates from the way the vendor puts them together with bare hand and the surroundings in which the dish is prepared. Further, the chips are very fragile. A small mistake in making hole may break the ...

My idea will enable people to live in a world which is better and more efficient ..The homes which make them peaceful...comfortable..people living in their homes like living in Heaven...

Nowadays HOME AUTOMATION is being done around the entire globe, but I am trying to enhance the concept of Home Automation and convert it into

For example you can imagine that you want to enter your home so think that you are in front of the door at your home, now you stand at a specific area where you are just staring towards lock after that you just say a password and at that particular moment the ...

Hearing news about drownings at the Caspian Sea (north of Iran), we thought of finding a solution of saving human lives at sea. For solving the problem, as the first step, we developed a surface rescue robot at RTS Lab. After manufacturing and testing it successfully, we thought of building a robot with higher capabilities that could act quicker and more accurate in rescue missions and we came up with the Pars aerial rescue robot idea.

The Savior Arial robot is designed in a way that it can quickly move towards drowning people by user guidance and activate its savior system. This system releases life tubes for the drowning ones. Considering that many people drown all over the world ...

Photon robots

Product design idea

High energy waves are used to generate the robot functions. These waves are concentrated to the point that robot should move. For examples powerful laser is used by satellites to operate objects such as a patient in rural area. Projector or powerful light in satellites is used to make any visible shapes by satellites on rural area road or in a jungle to guide by satellites. For example projector is used to generate signal. It activates the eye signals. For blinds navigation system is used to guide as normal people by mobile equipment by Photon robots. It warns people in danger by eye signals. It is required to instruct the robot by electronic equipment. ...

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