Currently, manufactured parts are inspected with a device known as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). These machines use an electronic probe tipped with a ruby or ceramic ball.

Goglio Milling Systems has designed a new milling head for milling machines.

At left there is one picture of a NTX 200 milling machine and one picture of the new milling head type with continuous positioning. Actually, the new head type looks like the old one.

After a grand success in America this innovative model was introduced to the other parts of the world. This module and mechanism was mainly implemented by farmers in the agricultural sectors, and in areas of water supply for domestic purposes.

Novel Working Principle

As shown in picture and video, this new compressor works differently than all other styles. During the rotor translating circularly, the rotor teeth and shell teeth are engaged and form closed spaces which volume change is used to apply pressure to the gas inside.

We are three undergraduate students at the School of Mechanics of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In our opinion, computer data acquisition is a basic tool that we need to be used to use. That’

There was once a time when farmers had to work the land manually – then the task of farming was a long and tedious one lasting from dawn till dusk. Luckily many scientific advances have touched the field of agriculture.

India is a nation renowned for its street-food and Paanipuri is one of those delicacies which attracts every Indian. However, lack of hygiene of Indian vendors remains a major concern with this mouth-watering dish. While the number of cases of typhoid, jaundice,

My idea will enable people to live in a world which is better and more efficient ..The homes which make them peaceful...comfortable..people living in their homes like living in Heaven...

Nowadays HOME AUTOMATION is being done around the entire globe,

Hearing news about drownings at the Caspian Sea (north of Iran), we thought of finding a solution of saving human lives at sea. For solving the problem, as the first step, we developed a surface rescue robot at RTS Lab. After manufacturing and testing it successfully,

Photon robots

Product design idea

High energy waves are used to generate the robot functions. These waves are concentrated to the point that robot should move. For examples powerful laser is used by satellites to operate objects such as a patient in rural area.

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