It works on rainfall rate. When the rainfall is more then the wiper actuates very quickly. When the rainfall is slow it means the wiper moves slowly. According to intensity of rainfall the wiper works. it consists of sensors, actuators and cup and wiper mechanism .

The main difference of these pumps' design compared with the gear pump is the presence of big teeth and big cavities in the gears. The pitch of big teeth and big cavities is greater than the pitch of small teeth in 3, 5, 7 or more times. Besides,

Educational CNC machine tools nowadays, it is important to reduce costs This also applies to education and specialized education, courses for CNC machine operators.

Project Objective: Reducing the cost of equipment for CNC training centers, increasing the number of training centers for CNC machine operators,

The Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS) / Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) / Drive-By-Wire (DBW) all are same species. Nowadays almost all modern automotive engines are outfitted with DBW technology.


Industrial pipelines carrying fluids, gas (methane) or liquid (oil), are subject to
rupture from natural or artificial disasters. Consequent contamination, fire
or explosion can be alleviated by prompt valved shutdown of the flowing fluid.

Iron filing determination in tea is a need of the hour as FSSAI has introduced the limit at 150 ppm. To date there is no such equipment to measure iron filing in tea. This instrument gives a hassle-free and nondestructive technique to measure the same.

Extreme Power Free-Piston Engine
6.0 hp/lb - Highest efficiency - Small & Robust
The pistons of free-piston engines transfer the combustion pressure directly into hydraulic pressure, without a crankshaft mechanism. They are therefore inherently very simple, robust, light and efficient.

One and a half months back one Ms. Juli Boruah (27) came to me. She lost her two hands in a road accident. From that day onwards she has had to depend on others to feed her, to clean her etc.

One of the most challenging factors that hampers our smooth livelihood is the large scale destruction of the river coast, affecting the sociology-economic balance of our economy as well as  creating border disputes among various states and countries.

Using the highly articulated All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer (ATHLETE) robotic mobility system as a precision positioning tool, a variety of print head technologies can be used to 3D print large-scale in-situ structures on Earth and other planetary surfaces such as the moon or Mars.

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