During the operation of nuclear power plants (NPP) mechanical properties of the structural materials can change due to several factors such as irradiation, temperature, load level and fatigue loading, corrosion, etc. Such changes in material properties influence the lifetime of the equipment (aging). It is essential for the fitness for service assessment to have reliable information on actual mechanical properties of an operating structure. In most cases, it is not allowed to cut larger pieces from an operating component to manufacture specimens and perform destructive laboratory tests, because it may have significant impact on the component’s integrity. The determination of the necessary data is possible partly with non-destructive but mostly with semi-destructive techniques.

For these semi-destructive techniques the specimens ...

it is a major problem in the Tea Industry to harvest only soft tea leaves for processing into tea where agriculture workers are not plentiful or workers cost are high. There is no satisfactory mechanical tea harvester has not yet been developed for tea harvesting because the handheld and hovercraft type machine pluck irregular height cut and heavy wheel or tracked machine damage tea ground, root disturbances.

The present design is directed to a mechanized tea leaves harvesting system for automatic plucking and collection of tea leaves in tea garden having specified disposition of tea bushes, comprising a substantially horizontal first frame supported on four wheels which is driven by an engine for motion on ground receiving power to ...

In 2011, rollover accidents made up only 2.1% of all vehicle crashes but accounted for a disproportionate 34.7% of occupant fatalities. A NHTSA and IIHS adopted dynamic rollover test may drive the automotive industry to design better performing vehicles during rollovers and ultimately reduce if not eliminate the number of fatalities during rollover accidents.

The Guided Rollover Test (GRT) device subjects vehicles to repeatable initial conditions by having a cart follow a guided maneuver similar to a forward J-turn with an increasing curvature sufficient to roll most vehicles. A test vehicle is carried on the cart at constant longitudinal velocity until it rolls.

The cart is fitted with a tripping edge to eliminate slipping and remove the influence ...

How would you or anyone you know like to generate their own electricity? How about generating enough electricity to accomplish a useful task like run a TV or a blender? Picture a party where people make their own frozen drinks. It is something most people never get a chance to try unless they happen to visit a science museum.

This article will walk you through building the generator bicycle shown in Figure 1. We have used the bicycle for two years as a hands on demonstration at the Chicks in Science Expo in Billings, Montana -- http://www.msubillings.edu/chicks/. It is a great way to introduce students to electricity, how it is generated, and how much work it takes to make ...

CONTEST ENTRY: Augmented Reality to Control Machines - The BROWZ*A/R (Mechan*IZ)

Electronic machines can provide status and control through various I/O Signals:
(M2H: machine-2-human / M2M: machine-2-machine)

1) M2H: machine-generated audio signal STATUS (beeps and recordings)
2) M2H: machine-generated light signal STATUS (servers, storage, routers, switches)
3) M2H: machine-generated dashboard STATUS/CONTROL (mobile devices, vehicles, etc)
4) M2M: machine-generated protocol STATUS/CONTROL (RIP, OSPF, BGP, HTTP, 802.11)

However, these I/O signal formats are not intended for BOTH human and machine communication.

Addis Systems proudly introduces The Browz*A/R (MECHAN*IZ EDITION). The Browz*A/R uses augmented-reality to see and send electronic signals between machines, diagnostic devices and robots.

Augmented-Reality for ...

Classical industrial robots need actuators to be as stiff as possible for placement speed, accuracy and delivering high force. With robotics now moving into applications that require greater adaptability for handling soft or fragile materials and for avoiding injury when working with humans, robotic actuators are increasingly required to offer controlled compliance. With existing technology this is typically realized with fixed or adjustable elastic elements such as springs coupled with complex mechanisms and sophisticated controls. Active Signal Technologies' OFact performs mechanically as an electrically adjustable linear spring, or adjustable compliance, thus eliminating the need for these measures.

The OFact is a direct linear electromagnetic actuator that outputs force proportional to applied current and constant force across the actuation range ...

We spend a lot of money in border security & intelligence but it can be reduced by using some advanced techniques. The concept of security bird is very simple & highly useful everywhere such as in a terrorist attack, security in air, trace nasalicdes etc.

The security bird is a carbon copy of natural bird in which we can use many aerospace features such as aerodynamics, propulsion, flight mechanics & control etc.

This bird consist of cameras in different position with audio & video transmitting device. In this we use high pressure pneumatic control to give highest structural strength with lowest weight. We get best aerodynamic support & maneuverability by applying some other aerodynamic concept.

This ...

Inlets in tidal basisns have a habit of collecting trash and eventually killing the life in them. By putting a gate at the opening that channels water into the inlet with the outgoing tide, we can sweep the debris and channel fresh water into the inlets. Automated opening and closing of the gate allows the incoming tide to flow past the inlet and not deposit any more trash into ...

The promise of robots relieving humans of dangerous, dirty, and repetitive work in manufacturing remains largely unfulfilled, despite a half century of research and practice. This is because conventional robots work by controlling arm position--a surprisingly limiting mode of operation. They require repeatable parts, precise fixturing, consistent work, and known tool characteristics. When this is not the case, as in most operations, human labor is required.

Humans are required not necessarily for their intelligence, but to perform work better accomplished by force. For example, people can assemble closely meshing components and grind/polish surfaces without precise dimensional information; they merely apply force and let the workpiece geometry determine the motion path. Whereas position control, by design, rejects external forces, working ...

The concept of self-organizing tendencies, although touched upon in domains such as physics, chemistry, search methodology and biology, has recently gained increased acceptance owing to discoveries in nanotechnology and astrophysics. Advances in nanotechnology are rapidly expanding the scope of understanding of the fundamental mysteries of this universe. Biology is introduced here as a possible example of a quantum-level self-organizing effect. The use of this quantum self-organizing effect will most certainly initialize a paradigm shift in how things are manufactured and will offer a pathway to technological advancements in many areas of science as well as possibly heralding the emergence of a new domain of science. At a fundamental level, the elements needed to repeatedly manufacture any complex structure or ...

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