During the operation of nuclear power plants (NPP) mechanical properties of the structural materials can change due to several factors such as irradiation, temperature, load level and fatigue loading, corrosion, etc. Such changes in material properties influence the lifetime of the equipment (aging).

it is a major problem in the Tea Industry to harvest only soft tea leaves for processing into tea where agriculture workers are not plentiful or workers cost are high.

In 2011, rollover accidents made up only 2.1% of all vehicle crashes but accounted for a disproportionate 34.7% of occupant fatalities.

How would you or anyone you know like to generate their own electricity? How about generating enough electricity to accomplish a useful task like run a TV or a blender? Picture a party where people make their own frozen drinks.

CONTEST ENTRY: Augmented Reality to Control Machines - The BROWZ*A/R (Mechan*IZ)

Classical industrial robots need actuators to be as stiff as possible for placement speed, accuracy and delivering high force. With robotics now moving into applications that require greater adaptability for handling soft or fragile materials and for avoiding injury when working with humans,

We spend a lot of money in border security & intelligence but it can be reduced by using some advanced techniques. The concept of security bird is very simple & highly useful everywhere such as in a terrorist attack, security in air, trace nasalicdes etc.

Inlets in tidal basisns have a habit of collecting trash and eventually killing the life in them. By putting a gate at the opening that channels water into the inlet with the outgoing tide, we can sweep the debris and channel fresh water into the inlets.

The promise of robots relieving humans of dangerous, dirty, and repetitive work in manufacturing remains largely unfulfilled, despite a half century of research and practice. This is because conventional robots work by controlling arm position--a surprisingly limiting mode of operation. They require repeatable parts, precise fixturing, consistent work,

The concept of self-organizing tendencies, although touched upon in domains such as physics, chemistry, search methodology and biology, has recently gained increased acceptance owing to discoveries in nanotechnology and astrophysics. Advances in nanotechnology are rapidly expanding the scope of understanding of the fundamental mysteries of this universe.

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