When automating a production line, and if a screw has to be placed it should be oriented first. And also the flow of screw should be continuous and fast. Maximizing the production rate is vital, especially in mass production. In such situations, operations like screw placing are critical.

The design of the Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator is made for utility level electrical production. That machine design is intended for development of the submerged, floating unit consisting circular, rotating around the horizontal axis of the circular structure, with multiple hydrofoils placed on it and one,

A Solar Powered Self Replicating Robot Factory is comprised of:

A set of networked computer systems,
A 3D Rapid Prototyping Parts Printer;
Several Refillable ReservoirArrays of Composite Epoxy Resin Fluids and Chemicals;
A Part Finishing Robot;
Part Transport Robots;
An Automated Part Storage and Retrieval Robotic System;

In Indian society, the main concern of the people living in urban areas is to store and minimize the wastage of municipal water supplies to households. This storage is regularized with the help of overhead tank attached with motor and submersible pumps.


Autocollimators are devices which are based on the optical technique of projecting an illuminated reticule to infinity and receiving the reticule image after reflected upon by a flat mirror.

The objective of this test rig is to determine dynamic characteristic of automotive shock absorber system.

A car suspension system is designed to absorb and dampen the forces experienced by the wheels of an automobile. To design suspension system the maximum displacement and acceleration needs to be identified.

Figures illustrate a massive thermoplastic-impregnating fiber-weaving-loom, designed to simultaneously-weave-fold-and-stack, two double-layered (up to) 600-foot-wide by one-mile-long thin-flexible-expansible-fiber-reinforced-plastic-barrier-sheets onto a central 600-foot long multi-segmented robotic-platform delivery-vehicle,

"Smart Plow" is a robotic machine that will put the end to the common problem that cities across the world experience during the winter time street cleaning operation.

"Smart Plow" is attached to the existing City Utility Trucks,

All seals have interference in order to function. As seals wear, the interference decreases until at some point the seal fails either by allowing contaminants into the machinery or by allowing lubricating fluid to leak out. Seal wear means regular inspections.

Spy-way is one of the two projects that can be conjugated as one, but, at the same time, they can develop complete and complex tasks separately. So please, let me introduce you the Spy-way project.

The continuous growing of car accidents on highways seems endless.

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