When automating a production line, and if a screw has to be placed it should be oriented first. And also the flow of screw should be continuous and fast. Maximizing the production rate is vital, especially in mass production. In such situations, operations like screw placing are critical.

Most of the available screw orientors orient screws upside down: that is head downward. In some cases, screws are unstable upside down. Hence designing of a new screw orientor for such screws is essential.

Available screw orientors in the market were expensive and complicated. To address that issue a cheap simple and reliable screw orienter had been designed. While operating on most of the available orientor types screws get blocked ...

The design of the Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator is made for utility level electrical production. That machine design is intended for development of the submerged, floating unit consisting circular, rotating around the horizontal axis of the circular structure, with multiple hydrofoils placed on it and one, or two platforms with generators connected with the shaft of the circular structure.

The unit, placed in a see current, will rotate under influence of tangential, in respect to the axis of the circular structure, hydrodynamic forces, generated by the hydrofoils placed on the circular structure.

The same design could be intended for use as dam-less river power ...

A Solar Powered Self Replicating Robot Factory is comprised of:

A set of networked computer systems,
A 3D Rapid Prototyping Parts Printer;
Several Refillable ReservoirArrays of Composite Epoxy Resin Fluids and Chemicals;
A Part Finishing Robot;
Part Transport Robots;
An Automated Part Storage and Retrieval Robotic System;
An Assembly Robot;
Rechargeable Batteries;
and Solar Photovoltaic Panel Arrays Power Source System.

Tranceivers in networked computers with object recognition vision systems transmit control signals to all systems in this self replicating robot factory. Robot manufacturing begins with several reservoirs of composite epoxy resin fluids including those which are adhesive, electrically conductive, semi-conductive, electrically non-conductive, metal powder reinforced, Kevlar fiber reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced, containing solder paste, optically transparent, and opaque plastic ...

In Indian society, the main concern of the people living in urban areas is to store and minimize the wastage of municipal water supplies to households. This storage is regularized with the help of overhead tank attached with motor and submersible pumps.

Semi-Automatic Overflow Tank System (SOTS) is device that regulates this system of storing water in overhead tank by automatically switching off the pump when the tank is full. This device saves water as well as electricity and proves to be a step in sustainable development of consumer products.

SOTS device works on mechanical linkages combined together to form a complete electro-mechanical device capable of performing the given task. A MCB switch is used to power on and ...


Autocollimators are devices which are based on the optical technique of projecting an illuminated reticule to infinity and receiving the reticule image after reflected upon by a flat mirror. The flat mirror is positioned along the specimen to be tested and is moved in increments along the entire length of the specimen .If the reflected reticule is tilted by an angle a, the reflected beam is deflected by twice that angle i.e. 2a. Thus detection of errors in straightness is possible.


1. Visual autocollimators use detection of the image cross line with reference to the reticule eyepiece cross line. They have micrometers to measure deviations.

2. Electronic Autocollimator use a CCD camera to detect the ...

The objective of this test rig is to determine dynamic characteristic of automotive shock absorber system.

A car suspension system is designed to absorb and dampen the forces experienced by the wheels of an automobile. To design suspension system the maximum displacement and acceleration needs to be identified. An LVDT and accelerometer would do a sufficient job in determining the displacement and acceleration. The objective of this test rig is to determine dynamic characteristic of automotive shock absorber system.The design of shock absorber test rig has been developed for vibration measurement and displacement. This test rig actually design to test and indicate the condition of shock absorber in automotive vehicles.

Basically it consists of two parts, first ...

Figures illustrate a massive thermoplastic-impregnating fiber-weaving-loom, designed to simultaneously-weave-fold-and-stack, two double-layered (up to) 600-foot-wide by one-mile-long thin-flexible-expansible-fiber-reinforced-plastic-barrier-sheets onto a central 600-foot long multi-segmented robotic-platform delivery-vehicle, within the central airlock of an inflatable ESI dome. As each pair of the four massive (up to 600-feet-wide-by-5280-feet-long) fabric sheets are woven , they are individually thermally-impregnated with one of several possible thermoplastics, by hydraulically-opposed heated rollers. The adjacent paired plastic-impregnated woven-fabric-layers of fiber-cloth are then sealed together in linear-alloy-cable-reinforced-thermoplastic-seams using evenly-spaced 601-foot-long crystalline-alloy-anchoring-cables, embedded between the plastic sheets by robotically-opposed linear steam-anvils, (for the “Oil-Capture-Invention) or alternatively are sealed lengthwise by heated-compression-rollers which overly the outer woven-sheets, and compress the sheets to create seams with continually-deployed-cable-sections from 5281-foot-long cable reels located beyond ...

"Smart Plow" is a robotic machine that will put the end to the common problem that cities across the world experience during the winter time street cleaning operation.

"Smart Plow" is attached to the existing City Utility Trucks, and is robotically controlled and operated by the GPS and RF signals, independently from the Truck Operator, who is only occupied with directing the Truck along the Street.

This System will speed up the present operation, reduce the vehicle emissions, reduce the number of trucks needed for the operation, reduce the operating and capital cost (25-30%), eliminate the losses the economy bears due to being late to work because of blocked driveways in the morning when people leave for work, the ...

All seals have interference in order to function. As seals wear, the interference decreases until at some point the seal fails either by allowing contaminants into the machinery or by allowing lubricating fluid to leak out. Seal wear means regular inspections. The SMART SEAL places a circuit on the seal located at the point of maximum acceptable wear. When seal wear reaches this point, grounding of the circuit or an open circuit indicates the seal should be replaced prior to failure. Use of a SMART SEAL would eliminate catastrophic failures in machinery and allow for scheduling of preventive ...

Spy-way is one of the two projects that can be conjugated as one, but, at the same time, they can develop complete and complex tasks separately. So please, let me introduce you the Spy-way project.

The continuous growing of car accidents on highways seems endless. The citys expansion brings big changes: a more concentrated population that generates traffic, stress and the daily migration of people that come from distant places to work. As a result, lack of caution behind the wheel is present, and a new class of drivers appears, those involved in stress, desperate to get to their destination and tired workers who lose consciousness. Alcohol takes part of this problem because of his aggressive consumption; added to ...

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