ReaLifeSim & VetLifeSim are human-centered; patient-centered products that are created and tested by nurses, medics, veterinarians and other clinicians.

In 1989 the company that originated desiccant materials offered a new version of the material to the industry, which subsequently 100% refused stating they would be forced to re-educate their workforce. It remains today, the same scenario, patients,

Problem definition & Introduction.

One of the major problems that tackles disease curation is the delayed diagnosis. In the early stages of a disease sometimes it’

U.S. and Canadian mammogram industry spends $3 billion annually on breast cancer screening. Worldwide = $75.1 billion USD by 2025 -marketsandmarkets.com

Breast cancer claims the lives of almost 50,000 women in the US each year.

Manual wheelchair users rarely are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of having tipped over/toppled sideways at home or away, and, more often than not,

Fresh produces are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C which are naturally low in fat and calories. Because of multiple health benefits and availability consumption of fresh produces is in rise among world people.

Application / Market Need: Leech Therapy is a post-surgical treatment that uses biological leeches to reintroduce or improve circulation to localized regions of congested tissue that are at an elevated risk of necrosis.

This project aims to provide an effective and easier way to access history of medical prescriptions by patients with minimum effort. It has the following advantages:
– Ease of viewing the history of medical prescription.
– Very reliable (can receive messages even if the app is not on).

The world of medicine works on the recording and interpretation of different patient data available to doctors, and the effective storage of this data is essential.

There are over 1 million hernia repairs annually in the United States, the majority of which are inguinal hernias (approximately 800,000). Our understanding of hernia pathophysiology has improved so we currently have moved away from the traditional tissue-based repairs towards open/laparoscopic/robotic tension free mesh-based repairs.

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