Numerous methods have been developed to enhance transdermal drug permeation, e.g., iontophoresis, electroporation, ultrasound, ablation, along with chemical enhancers like, alcohols, terpenes, azones and, more recently, solvents such as dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). Traditional delivery methods based on passive diffusion of drug molecules into the skin are unable to deliver macromolecules,

Vaccines has long been a form of treatment for babies, children and even adults. The inconvenience of pain has formed different reasons to deny treatment and has since caused multiple forms of contagious and curable viruses.


Each year, approximately 37 children and hundreds of pets die in the United States from being left inside vehicles on warm days [NBC]. These tragedies are not intentional and usually result from a child falling asleep in the back seat, and parents forgetting their child is asleep.

Implanted VADs include an electrical power cable or driveline passing through the body tissue and exiting through the skin to connect with an external power supply.

The idea is to have a form that can be easily read by first responders that will include critical information from a patient that has been on an accident or is not alert and needs immediate help.

This device would use a small camera such as used in cell phones, probably attached to an eyeglass frame to observe the anticipated path of a person of limited vision or blind. A computer would check the image for posts, stairs,

In the United States, about 48 million people are deaf or hard of hearing.  These numbers are expected to double in US adults alone by 2060. The current way to serve this community includes expensive hearing aids, cochlear implants, or microphones that are clipped on, worn on the speaker’

We started looking into the toughest problems in Nigeria. Heath has been a main problem here.
Talking about health we thought of using technical means in our field of study in trashing such problems.

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