The main aim of the project is to implement a low cost reliable system which will help to establish communication between paralytic or disabled patients and a nurse. We use sensors in order to measure the statistics of motion. It then passes on this data to the micro controller.

Area(s) of expertise:

There is proposed information technology, software and results of research of 3720 arterial oscillograms of 827 healthy individuals and patients (14 nosology), 56 simultaneously recorded ECGs and arterial oscillograms of healthy individuals, justifying the proposed solutions.

Nothing presently exists that offers the innovations and showing the promise of new exercise developments in this field as my idea. This exercise system can be used worldwide, replacing conventional exercise equipment. Thus, the market potential is large.

Key component is the Variable Torque Generating device.

Electrochemical flow scanning of human body

To study how the body works we can scan the body by spectrometry to study material flow and to study electric flow we can use capacitive screen tech and electro phosperence or electro flourasance.

Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope is an Open Source, ultra-low cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases built using a Raspberry Pi.

OIO (OWL) is an idea conceived in the Fall 2015 MIT Media Lab Engineering Health Course. Development of the electronics, enclosure,

Each year, about 12,500 new individuals experience spinal cord injuries in the U.S. alone. The estimated cost of care after spinal cord injury can range from $2-$5 million per person depending on life expectancy and injury severity. Currently,

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become ill with ovarian cancer. A large number of malignant forms are caused by a virus that alters the metabolism in the infected cells. The virus promotes the release of specific proteins stimulating the dividing of the cells.

Catheters are often inserted into a wrist artery for procedures like angiography. When done, entry zone must be tightly sealed for about 48 hours to prevent blood under pressure from leaking out while entry closes. Normally,


Early detection of diseases increases the chances of treatment significantly. However, regular check-ups can be time-consuming and costly especially in developing countries. This makes Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics very plausible. One commonly used test is ELISA. It incorporates several steps.

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