Modern traction control systems typically rely on friction in the form of brakes, clutches, or built-in torque bias ratios in order to mitigate wheel slip. However, under certain conditions, traction control systems may not be able to apply sufficient friction to control a suddenly slipping wheel. In addition,

[A Quadruple Impact Development (QID) paradigm that simultaneously answers the twin-problems of Global Warming and Poverty (GWP)]

THE PROBLEM: Global Warming and Poverty (GWP) are corollary in that both are simultaneously increasing due to the same basic cause: Wastage

Zipr Shift LLC produces a revolutionary bio-inspired closure which mimics the spine in order to achieve the features essential for a flexible, durable, hermetic closure. The closure, currently named the Klōs® brand closure,

Until now generating plasmas required large amounts of energy. Cold plasma technology strongly reduced the amount of energy required for plasma generation and modern techniques makes it now affordable.

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