Each year, approximately 37 children and hundreds of pets die in the United States from being left inside vehicles on warm days [NBC]. These tragedies are not intentional and usually result from a child falling asleep in the back seat, and parents forgetting their child is asleep.

The Velocity EMC (Electric Motorcycle) can be the most energy efficient and safest personal transportation on the planet. Customers are attracted to the styling, sold on the handling and safety, and rewarded with extremely low cost of ownership. The streamlined,

Implanted VADs include an electrical power cable or driveline passing through the body tissue and exiting through the skin to connect with an external power supply.

If the efficiency of a wind turbine is increased, then more power can be generated thus decreasing the need for expensive power generators that cause pollution. This would also reduce the cost of power for the common people.

The proposed technology is a revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that solves three major problems associated with wind turbines today. The first is high manufacturing/maintenance costs, the second is low efficiency, and the third is safety in stormy weathers. The developed turbine,

The Viento HD is the first commercially available High Definition 1080p longwave-infrared (LWIR) camera providing true high-definition (HD) imaging. The fully functional camera system is based upon a unique 1920 x 1200 x 12μ

The working title of a technical project is Virtual Conscience, which linked to Cybernetics, Psychology and Neurobiology.

This project has targeted on the Russian Federation and countries with a high level of corruption perception Market.

In the fast paced era of technology and science, one has lots of information to grab. The people have smartphones to store the information. While few still use the notebook to store the data. The innovation is the “Diary,”

The Virtual Reality Deicer Simulator puts you on the runway inside a deicing vehicle, either as a driver or a sprayer. We've developed our software to work and mimic the controls and movements of the actual enclosed cab deicing vehicle. The VR Deicer Sim base,

The idea is to have a form that can be easily read by first responders that will include critical information from a patient that has been on an accident or is not alert and needs immediate help.

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