The project is to design a gas turbine from type turbofan engine and the provision of jet fuel in the use of clean energy and renewable energy is hydrogen.

Known that we are consuming large amounts of fuel on flights around the world, 

Basically my idea is for the safety of two wheelers as I found that there are no such safety features in the two wheeler. During accidents if such safety features are found in a vehicle that would save the lives of many.

Hello, Everyone. This is team Blue Energy Australia. My name is David Huang. I am the founder of Blue Energy Australia. I am also an inventor. My invention is a heat engine, which can be used in automobiles for transport, electricity generation, renewable energy storage, emission reduction,

Reaction wheels (RWs) are not only the standard solution for attitude control of conventional spacecraft such as telecommunication satellites, but they are also frequently used in smaller satellites with demanding attitude control requirements. Due to their simplicity and compactness, ball bearings are commonly utilized for mounting RWs,

UniQuad - Hydrogen Electric Agricultural Utility Vehicle.
Design of a safer, renewable energy utility vehicle for the rural sector.

What problem does your design idea solve?
Agriculture is second only to forestry in the number of workplace fatalities each year,

UGMP is a photography system for smartphones that improves ergonomics and comfort when capturing images, which translates into an increase in quality in them, taking into account the large volume of data This type flowing every second in the networks of the world,

Present galvanic electrode architecture is characterized by low electrode area specific current density and long battery recharge interval. Factors limiting secondary battery current may be ion exchange between electrodes and/or electron impedance between solid phase coatings and metal current collectors.

First and Last miles “Joining Airports with City Centers.”

Evaluated as suitable by the Ports Council, Awarded the Sustainable FLORIDA 2015 as a Green Building Finalist! We at Sky Train Corporation (STC) offer a system which combines green transit with alternative energy.

Piece of wood surrounded by mud doesn’t burn easily. In fact, after becoming dry, it will be an insulating layer which more or less prevents burning.

This property will be an perfect solution to stop the spreading fire during forest fire fights. Instead of using water alone,

This design is based in more than five years of experimentation, which was originated by our aim to make the High UVI/RH coastal Peruvian desert.

Mars UVC & UVB at surface is assumed to be ~ 10 times Earth and UVA close to our planet values.

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