Airfoil wings make lift by changing the direction and pressure of the air that crashes into them as they move through the sky. The spinning cylinder wing design, using the magnus effect and has many advantages over traditional airfoils but also some disadvantages.

The technology levels for the Quad Fold Helicopter (QFH) concept are based on those existing around the year 2010. The levels at 2050 can be assumed advanced some from those levels. An important technology feature is the rotor drive motor at the end of each of the folding booms.

The “Sub-0 Home Freezer” is an occasional use, domestic, counter-top flash freezer. All commercially frozen food is flash frozen today. Clarence Birdseye discovered how flash freezing preserves the pristine qualities of fresh food by minimizing formation of large ice crystals, and thus preserving the taste. This technology has not been available to the consumer,

The Utility Barrow was inspired by the increase in number of people affected by annual urban flooding. This is due to the increase of low socio economic communities based on river banks and flood-prone areas.

These communities face flooding 3-4 times per year. Combined with open sewerage,

Mashup provides a way of forming new applications from existing Web content using APIs provided by different Web sites. Such a nature makes mashup a promising technology to deliver a Web-based Enterprise application with rich information of various themes, so called thematic mashup. However,

The application of latent heat storage system using phase change materials (PCMs) is an operative way of storing thermal energy and has the advantages of high-energy storage density and the isothermal nature of the storage process.

For a gasoline engine, part load throttling losses account for the majority of the fuel efficiency difference between it and a diesel engine. This device can recover up to half of that loss resulting in a 10%-15% improvement in vehicle fuel economy.

The promise of V2X has arrived with Danlaw’s Through Glass Integrated V2X Antenna. It enables vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle to everything communications using DSRC, providing a myriad of
safety features.

For the best system performance,

This design intends to leverage gravity, by converting the rising and falling tide(s) into electrical power. The tides are an enormous source of energy available at local lakes, rivers, and ocean. The flow of water turning a turbine to produce electrical power is not new. However,

Tinnitus is a serious health condition that can negatively affect a sufferer's quality of life and there is presently no known cure but with perseverance the perception of Tinnitus can be significantly reduced. Tinnitus is a complex audiological and neurological condition,

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