At the heart of every receiver is a detector that separates signal information from noise. The TransFilter/Detector (Patent Pending US 15/127,472) is a technological break-through in Detector Sensitivity, making possible recovery of signals as small as -240 dBm.

Here I have attached my design which speaks about how the drone can transform itself into a hybrid vehicle. The theme is wheel portion rotates on the elliptical base with respect to elliptic's center axis in order to transform itself to a drone. When it is in drone form,

We employ plastic extrusion technology to transform post consumer plastic waste into building materials (Plastic lumber). Plastic lumber is a durable and affordable alternative to timber, which reduces the need for building material manufactured from wood.

The growing size of cities and increasing population mobility have determined a rapid increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which has resulted in many challenges for road traffic management authorities in relation to traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution.

Transportation refrigeration units (TRU) are utilized in the transport of perishable goods. The temperature and environmental controls are critical to the arrival of the perishable goods without damage or spoilage. Typical TRUs have sensors to provide data back to a central processing location such as temperature, humidity,

• To ease out the process of monitoring the progress of tree plantations and tree counting over a certain area by removing manual actions.
• To counter the problem of Deforestation, pollution level and Global warming.

The objective of the project is to develop cost effective, light weight and user friendly manually operated wheel chair with stair climbing and steep slope climbing facility for elderly people/physically challenged persons.

The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor;

The printed electronics market is currently estimated at around US $20 billion and it is expected to grow up to about US $73 billion by 2025. One of the major driving factor of the global printed electronics market is “substrate,” on which electronic or photonic devices are integrated. Presently,

My invention is a method for turbocharging single cylinder internal combustion engines. This technology makes small engines cleaner, more powerful, lighter, more fuel efficient, and lower cost. With new emissions standards coming online, companies are having difficulties keeping the costs of their engines down.

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