Problem: Heat generated from carbon-based fuel combustion or nuclear reactions consumes limited resources, and creates waste products harmful to the environment and to living organisms.

Solution: An unprecedented development reveals a method that creates heat inexpensively by efficiently releasing the energy stored within water molecules.

A wave-powered electrical generator (WPEG) of novel design is proposed. WPEG operates by harnessing energy from the water waves, i.e., from an environmentally friendly source of energy. Briefly, WPEG consists of a geared motor-generator, accommodated by a double-cone, which is rolling on two eccentric circular rails.

In the United States, about 48 million people are deaf or hard of hearing.  These numbers are expected to double in US adults alone by 2060. The current way to serve this community includes expensive hearing aids, cochlear implants, or microphones that are clipped on, worn on the speaker’

The objective of the project is to make an assistive limb to assist human beings in some or other activity, eliminating human errors and increasing productivity. The most common activity humans perform, be it a soldier or an industrial worker or a rural woman, 

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human muscle capability with clean engine power while batteries don't have enough energy density for heavy tasks. WPM is designed to collaborate with mobile data services (IoT/M2M) and extend wearable technology for power applications.

In the sales company, we often find the problem as follows
1. The stock of goods that are not appropriate.
2. The product is out of date.

Expulsion is the molten metal ejected from the nugget under pressure, burning in the air with bright light and loud noise.

Every year the Indian roads welcome nearly 1.7crore new two wheelers with annual increase of 17%. With the maximum number of means of transportation two wheelers also bring breakdown problems due to various reasons out of which one is deflated tires.

For an unassisted person using a manual wheelchair, small barriers can impede safe passage, cause stranding, and contribute to user accidents. Wheelramps provide easier and safer passage over these barriers. Wheelchair-related hospital admissions will be reduced and users can enjoy improved independence.

The Idea of Smart Bins is not a new one, ideas of level sensing, Alerts using IoT were already proposed but it focused on a limited market due to the cost and less awareness. Whizz-Bin is a much smarter version of smart bins.

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