Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life. The world has been turned into a global village after the integration of communication technologies with the internet.

VR4CAD is entry-level Virtual Reality (VR) software designed to make it quick and easy for CAD engineers and designers to view, investigate and annotate their CAD models using PC-based HMDs or 3D screens.

Till date very little has been reported about the issues of Hirakud Dam. Increasing deterioration of soil in the catchments is causing erosion of the subsoil, resulting in Sedimentation and Siltation, Largescale water-logging, seepage and unscientific water distribution system are only a few to name. In addition,

W.A.S. (Waste Analysis System) is a device cum app that helps to overcome issues related to waste management and sanitation in India.

If you have a drivers license, then at some time or another you sat at a traffic light with no cross traffic wondering why you are sitting there, wasting time.

It's a robot that does multitasks and it takes place in a restaurant or coffee shop. It opens the door for people, takes their orders, places plates and cups on tables, and helps people carry things.

This device would use a small camera such as used in cell phones, probably attached to an eyeglass frame to observe the anticipated path of a person of limited vision or blind. A computer would check the image for posts, stairs,

In order to provide additional protection to warships from submarine and mine attack, a perimeter barrier comprised of submerged “panels” is proposed. A collection of panels creates an underwater wall that is intended to intercept and detonate the enemy warhead using their own explosive force.

A “panel”

This paper deals with one of the key challenges in designing the next generation future hybrid vehicles with Efficient Waste Heat Recovery System.

Much of the fuel energy in an internal combustion engine is lost as heat, mainly through hot exhaust gas. The high energy losses,

Nearly 70% of the earth is covered by water. Only 2.5% of it is fresh & only 1% freshwater is accessible. The world is facing a scarcity of water - termed as water crisis. Wastage of water is seen and documented by various agencies. In urban lifestyle,

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