Vaccines has long been a form of treatment for babies, children and even adults. The inconvenience of pain has formed different reasons to deny treatment and has since caused multiple forms of contagious and curable viruses.

The VaccuVroom is a unique concept that aims at providing a solution for dust-ridden roads while being energy-efficient. This idea can work especially well for countries like India which are constantly battling pollution.

Introducing ValueGauge, the first information display to enable motor vehicle drivers to operate in ways that yield the most VALUE for their TIME and fuel dollar. ValueGauge consists of a microcomputer and electronic display in view of the vehicle operator,

Today's teens are exposed to many drugs in today's world. Most of these drugs such as Marijuana and cigarettes are very easy to detect because of the strong odors they give the users. However a method of ingesting drugs called vaping has just come into the scene.

Adjustment of the compression ratio in a running piston engine as a function of operating conditions is recognized as an effective way to improve both light load efficiency and maximum output torque,

Recent innovations in vehicle suspension employs active suspension system which imparts best in class ride and handling of vehicle. Active suspension is a type of automotive suspension that controls the vertical movement of the wheels relative to the chassis or vehicle body with an onboard system,

To prevent accidents by reducing stopping distance.

A recent study has concluded that the most of the accidents can be prevented by more effective braking i.e. reduced stopping distance*.

Increases in contact surface of the tires, increase the road traction**,

In engines used before the late 1990s, the valve-lift of inlet and exhaust valve remain the same for all the speeds of the engine. This resulted into deviation in performance characteristics when the engine was not running at design point.

The series of vessels are created from one basic form. By adding two basic forms, we get a new shape (vase / vessel). When the cut level of this form is changed, we get the following new forms. Having one basic form we can get a different product.

TOPIC: Improvements in On-Road-Vehicles takes inspiration from Aerofoil Sections and Ekranoplans.

As per Illustration 1- principles of Ekranoplan can be used to reduce fuel consumption of vehicles- like trucks- by reducing their effective weight, which would lead to reduction in friction, which in turn,

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