Riding a motorcycle in heavy traffic is a nerve-wracking and dangerous experience, because despite being open, there are large blind spots on motorcycles. Being aware of the position and relative speed of the vehicles around you is paramount to your safety.

My name is Ionel Mihailescu. I am Canadian, mechanical engineer, designer, P. Eng. I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I invented a new and much more efficient internal combustion engine. I call it High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine. I got the Patent Grant in USA,

Related patents: US 8,079,438; 8,567,544; Japan 5,600,323 Europe: patent pending

This apparatus (The DynaDrive) relates to a system applicable to all types of terrestrial vehicles, using any prime mover. The system is especially attractive for industrial applications. Said prime mover could be any engine or electrical motor.

Generally, hybrid vehicle of series-parallel type is built around one epicycloid gear train used as a power split device. In the following description, the vehicle has got two epicycloid gear trains with a common satellite carrier driven by a thermal engine,

The HydroSpike Propulsor is a distributed propulsion system using a centralized pump, and thruster modules sited at key points on a boat or ships hull. The basic operating principle is Fluid Flow Amplification of water through a modified Aerospike nozzle, either linear or annular,

The Hyper4 (an axial 4 stroke, 4 cylinder engine) improves the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines by up to 75% (as reflected by Simulink Matlab and Converge CFD modelling software), approaching 50% brake thermal efficiency in a unique,

IC Combustion Enhancement by Air Ionization for Engine Peripherals i.e. EGR Supply etc.

Numerous patents have been issued that treat the entering air stream in IC engines prior to combustion with a goal of ionizing air thereby enhancing combustion.

Although I currently do not own an SUV, I continue to see people opening their lift-gates and having to move back so that it does not hit them in the chin when it opens or on the head when it closes.

My idea which has been partially implemented by some State DOTs is to use existing intersection cameras, computers, and Fuzzy Logic to improve traffic flow through intersections. Making intersections intelligent would reduce opportunities for red light infractions,

ISCAD (Intelligent Stator Cage Drive) is an electric traction drive with:

- 0% rare earths,
- 25% higher driving range and
- 100% safety through 48V technology.

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