Trains, buses, coaches hit the headlines by the horrific crashes which take so many lives. As a Mathematician/Engineer I have had a career in aerospace systems which has included the design of airbag systems including the gas generation subsystem.

Manual transmissions have several advantages over automatics, including less frictional losses, lower weight, greater durability, and significantly lower maintenance and repair costs. Enthusiasts also love them.

However, current designs have drawbacks. Shifting takes time to master, and shift speeds can never match the best automated transmissions.

The invention is a "central-hydraulic" suspension system that has major advantages regarding the control of the prime suspension parameters, so as to provide superior road-holding and handling.

The system allows the front and rear roll-stiffness,

Utilizing a retractable “curb-finder” type mechanism ("hook") to find an installed electromagnetic side-rail ("rail") running from median solar panels on the innermost lane, an electric vehicle can charge its battery while auto-cruising the freeway. Conserving the driver’

All electric motors convert Electrical Input Power to Mechanical Output Power.

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor is a unique patent pending new motor design which delivers Mechanical Output Power AND Electrical Output Power at the same time.

A regenerative braking system is a system in which the power is generated through friction energy while applying brakes which otherwise would be lost to the environment. In this system,

Working offshore on the back deck of supply vessels constitutes one of the highest exposure areas for vessel crew. Eliminating this exposure would improve safety and efficiency.

This new back-up camera system for automotive vehicles has the purpose of eliminating black spots or areas where a standard back-off camera cannot identify a vehicle circulating and thus avoid accidents. This camera is installed on both left and right rear ends (break light).

Rotary Wing Flying Drone
The Object of this invention is to improve the application and efficiency of the essentials of flight, into one aircraft, so it can lift off horizontally, without the need of a runway,

Design Statement:
Vehicle is mounted/hanging or connected by elevated or side placed tube shaped structure.

For Propulsion: Electromagnets installed in tube shaped structure and vehicle body/ connecting link or wings producing the electromagnetic forces to propel the vehicles in forward direction by Electromagnetic Suspension Systems (EMS) principle.

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