How it works: The AirWedge II pulls air under the Class 8 trailer (18 wheeler), forcing the air under the trailer axles and out the rear creating a Bernoulli slipstream that pulls the drag from the rear trailer doors.

The engine consists of two blocks. Number of blocks may be from one to the reasonable quantities (like 3, 4, 5 etc.). In this case, submitted an engine which consists of two blocks. Every block consist of two pistons (the black one - main and the red one-additional),

The innovative air filter is a replacement product for the existing paper filters that can be manufactured and retrofitted on automobiles and diesel locomotives. The air filter media is comprised of a blend of 7 types of microfibers, dipped in a proprietary chemical solution.

Flash Bainite is recognized as Dept of Energy's 2017 "SBIR Small Business of the Year". Outperforming many 1000s of inventors, Flash Bainite was considered to outperform progress in bio-fuels, wind, solar, batteries, nuclear, and all other small businesses funded by DOE.

The proposed concept of active brake cooling in racing cars called G -Cooling System
(GCS) is designated for the Formula One racing cars. Another group/type/ area of races where you can apply GSC is high class racing sport cars (Porsche, Lamborghini, Mustang ...).

More often than not, an automobile - when parked or braked up a slope - will tend to roll backwards when started up a slope. It takes practice and skill on the part of the driver to control this backward roll to a minimum,

Baxter Automotive Motor system is a perpetual motion "Active generating electric car" ( No battery required) . The design effectively replace fossil fuels for transportation. There is a logistics problem with plug in hybird electric cars that use electrical storage batteries.

Thermally buckled sidewalks are a safety and financial liability if not repaired. The cost of a repair can be $2,000 or more and disrupt the site for days. BuckleDown System allows the repair to be made by two workers in two hours, saving 50-70% of the cost.

Are you frustrated seeing airline passengers bypassing luggage check in by bringing on board luggage that is too large to fit in the overhead? Are you tired of not having room for your carry on because of it?

Develop a new traffic code enforcement tool to improve driver safety. There currently exist camera systems that enforce traffic codes by taking pictures of drivers and their vehicle s that exceed speed limits, go through red lights, or go through automated toll booths without paying.

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