The design of the transmission system for a formula styled racecar using a stock bike engine is one of the best choice for all the engineering students who design the motorsport vehicles for all the student race car build competitions.

Problem Statement:
Generally, Heavy Duty Trucks are used for transportation purpose of cargo with heavy loads and therefore, require a robust steering control (i.e. lateral stability) all the time (especially when moving at a high speed or during cornering) in order to ensure safety of the on-board crew,

Scientists estimate that there are about 10 zillion (10x10^16) fish in the sea, which is more than 1 million fish for every human. About 95% of these fish live deeper than 500 meters under the sea. All of these fish require oxygen to breathe.

The innovation - named "SafeTank" - is a dual-compartment liquid tank assembly, consisting of an upper chamber and a lower chamber, that are secured together, in a leak-proof manner. Between the two chambers is a flexible membrane. Each chamber has an inlet port and an outlet port.

What is our project? Design and Development of diff lock through novel spike shaft design mechanism for SUV and Off – Road Vehicles.

Why did we introduce it? In India 70 % are in rural areas,

In this concept will make a motor Electric Car more energy efficient and longer running. First we will make the air tube under the car the size 10 ft L x 4 ft W x 10 in H.

Forest dwellers (Tribal) are dependent on forest for their livelihood. Wild life safari provides a much needed source of sustainable income without dislodging them from their environment. However, the vehicular movement causes pollution at highly ecosensitive places. Presently, a 4x4 army disposal vehicle is used for this purpose.

Our company, Potential Difference Inc., is now commercializing a new electric vehicle generator innovation that reverses the electric vehicle (EV) regenerative braking paradigm and introduces Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration.

US Patent no. 9,415,646 states that an automobile and trailer or truck and trailer, first half of which is securely mounted to the rear underside of the automobile or truck, the second half of which is securely mounted to the underside of the trailer.

It’s a vehicle that can make world a greener place to live in. This lightweight (approx. 60 kg) EM-trike is a highly engineered one seater hybrid vehicle with electric +manpower to operate it. Along with the quirky looks,

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