Rotary Wing Flying Drone
The Object of this invention is to improve the application and efficiency of the essentials of flight, into one aircraft, so it can lift off horizontally, without the need of a runway, can fly vertically without the need that the cockpit tilts from horizontal level plane, and can glide if the motor is not in use. It can also carry a heavier payload for the amount of energy used to stay airbourne, with a greater variation of airspeed and manoevrability. It can be configured for a Drone, Commercial Aircraft to a Space ship. This is achieve by instead of using a fixed wind, the wing sections are mounted so they rotate around the fuselarge, with ...

Design Statement:
Vehicle is mounted/hanging or connected by elevated or side placed tube shaped structure.

For Propulsion: Electromagnets installed in tube shaped structure and vehicle body/ connecting link or wings producing the electromagnetic forces to propel the vehicles in forward direction by Electromagnetic Suspension Systems (EMS) principle.

Speed and Brake: Magnitude of electromagnetic force and synchronous frequency between vehicle’s and tube’s electromagnetic coils.

Position of the Vehicle and Coil Activation Status: Colorful LED lights that are covering the electromagnetic coils will be activated to represented the position and coil activation status.

Mounting and Support: Vehicle is mounted with the tube shaped structure via link and wheels (inserted in guide-way groove of tube shaped structure).

Tube Shaped Structure Joint and Overtaking: Sleeve is acting as ...

The Seat Pressure Map System is an advanced system to measure pressure maps on a seat like a chair or a car seat. Our Pressure Map System uses textile matricial sensors. Textile sensors very easily adapt to each shape of seat and backrest, and do not make wrinkles that might affect the reading.

This unit comprises:
- two 16x16 pressure sensors, size 32 cm x 32 cm (12.6"x12.6")
- one control box
- one control software compatible with Windows™ platform
Both sensors have been studied to be easily placed and kept in position by elastic bands.

Our software performs all basic functions as well as some very advanced ones, such as:

- Center of Pressure, including tracking of the COP
- Region of Interest
- Pressure versus Time
- ...

Stringent CO2 emission legislation puts pressure on car manufacturers to search for cost effective methods to introduce alternative powertrains and to reduce the weight of cars with 200kg on average by 2025.

The weight reduction not only enables an improved fuel economy, but also enables the introduction of infotainment systems, safety systems and for example heavy battery packs for EVs.

Shifting from steel solutions to aluminum (1/3 of the density) is the first step in this race. The next level, to cut weight by an additional 50%, is the introduction of thermoplastic solutions.

ForTii PA4T is the next best alternative to aluminum die-cast. It allows engineers and designers the design freedom they are looking for and the possibility to ...

The invented system is simple and effective to overcome the present problem of entraining and detraining of passengers from low level platform.

In the new system, for easy accessibility to trains from low level platform, two sliding type additional handles are fitted with coach body near the lowermost end of existing handles. These handles are located at inner side of existing handles that is, towards coach door end.

The system consists of spring loaded plunger with plunger rod which is fitted near the top end of coach door above the present handle. The plunger rod is operated by sliding handle through wire drive system.

One additional footplate is implemented in the system which is located below the lowermost footplate ...

Streamliners is a company formed by a team of aerospace engineers and racing experts. Our goal is to bring high performance, innovative aerodynamic products to the trucking industry. The team's 50 plus years of experience allows us to design products that are high performance, but also cost effective and easy to use.

Our first product is called the miniskirt. It improves the aerodynamic performance of any type of semi - trailer by more efficiently directing airflow around the rear tires or tandems. The product saves 5-7% of the semi - truck's fuel use, saving thousands of dollars per year, per trailer.

What's more impressive is that it provides these benefits for every semi - trailer type. Long ignored, the ...

Invented by Dr. Nicholas A. Sanders, the recently patented Tangent Drive(TM) mechanism realizes an energy efficiency increase upwards of 25% when replacing a crankshaft in any reciprocating system, including engines, compressors, generators, and pumps. It is a purely mechanical invention that allows for a 1-to-1 replacement of the Crankshaft. Please view the video describing the mechanism and illustrating its functionality on a small table-top ...

In climates that endure cold and freezing temperatures, a common problem is the need to "deice" windshields before safely driving. In this invention, a pair of comparative temperature sensors would monitor glass temp, and if activated, this system would begin wiping the liquified (melted) water off of the windshield before, during and appropriately as the glass temperature drops below a point where snow (etc) would stop melting. In all embodiments, activation could be direct, automatic or remotely operated. Battery drain would be minimal because the total number of wipes required is estimated to be less than 5-10, depending upon outside ...

Automation might not fundamentally change the value of the car and it will not make the driver obsolete, but it will create new conditions for personal transportation. The autonomous car enhances safety and the quality of the driving experience and it enriches the time we spend in cars. In accordance with current technological trends within the automotive industry, my project focusses on the transfer of information to the driver. It combines augmented reality head-up displays and autonomous vehicles, through which I wish to explore the future of information systems in cars: the personalized driving interface.

In this project, I adapt smartphone screen culture to car dashboard design. Drivers can decide to be shown complete details or a minimalised display ...

The concept ESP (Energy Saving Pod) Aesthetically and Technically designed as:

1. Two seater Lightweight Mobility work in either Drive battery (Mode B) or other fuel sources
Mode (O) for ((Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol) with high efficiency designed low rpm and high output Alternator.
2.. Compact, Aerodynamic and Omni-directional wheels for easy Maneuverability.
3. When parking it can easily turn the vehicle into vertical axis, so that it occupies less space (approx 750 mm as
designed less than a space where 2 people of average weight of 60 to 70 kg can stand behind one another).
4. Dye Sensitized Nano solar cells (Inexpensive to manufacture, Flexible, higher efficiency).

The best part of the ESP, it can ...

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