ISCAD (Intelligent Stator Cage Drive) is an electric traction drive with:

- 0% rare earths,
- 25% higher driving range and
- 100% safety through 48V technology.

Conventional electrical machines do face the problem that due to their fixed windings the number of pole pairs cannot be changed. Electrical machines are thus low-loss energy converters only for an optimized operating point. Apart from that point, the efficiencies of conventional electric drives are decreasing enormously.

In the ISCAD system, instead of copper windings, aluminum bars are used in the stator. Every single bar is supplied by a dedicated power electronics unit. Compared to the fixed copper windings of conventional machines, the ISCAD ...

JUMPBALL is a jumping entertainment device, which integrates the feature of an exercise ball, so that the users can use it to jump around beaches and shoals, enjoying the fun of space changing.

On the beach, users can use the elasticity of the globe tire and their core muscles to jump, and experience the device by changing the speed. It could be used as a short distance device, moving around the beach. On the water, it would be switched to jet drive mode and jumping forward on the water surface.

Through different game rules, JUMPBALL can be used from a single game to group game, for users to compete with ...

For electric cars, electric motors of rotary types are used. DC or AC ones. In my project I use linear type electric motors in line order attached to the crankshaft. Aim of this design is practical increase of the torque applied and to allow time for motor coils to cool down. Normally it has 6 linear actuators, but the control unit uses 3 actuators and up as needed against the load on the car. This reduces the electric consumption. Additionally the speed of the linear actuators is another feature which is controlled thus obtaining the wheel speed as required.

This system is mechanically similar to internal combustion engines but linear actuators work each time hence the power generated is ...

Nowadays, traffic congestion at intersections has become a severe problem in urban transportation systems. It not only causes large-scale delay in road network but also increases accident frequency. As an alternative solution, overpass system has been introduced. However, this system obviously has very high complexity, resulting in a long construction period and high cost.

Being aware of the current problem, we started to look into the cause of it. It is mentioned in previous literature that left turns have negative impact on transportation systems. Left turn vehicles have potential to crash with oncoming vehicles, and usually wait for longer time, and thus left turn prohibition (LTP) has been adopted as a possible solution in order to overcome the mentioned ...

Teen and young drivers are the most likely to be involved in serious and/or fatal accidents. Their inexperience is dangerous, yet not known to surrounding motorists. In this invention, the vehicle marker lights could be designed in such a way as to respond to a "juvenile driver" key or fob, of other entry required to start a motor vehicle. The lighting system would then produce a flash pattern, flicker, or in LED application a specific hue to warn all surrounding motorists, and law enforcement, of inexperienced drivers.

In the case of fellow motorists, wide berth could be given. In the case of law enforcement, closer attention could be given to those who are indicated as young driver and better ...

Problem Statement

We know that rapid development will cause environmental changes especially on mobility, infrastructure and the environment. Most young families decide to live in the city while middle-age families prefer to live in sub urban areas, thanks to high speed hyperloop. Lack of lightweight vehicles and mini mobility which connecting between home and destination is becoming the crucial topic in this project. People use more energy to commute through abundant circumstances like bad weather conditions and transfer to a lot of subways to reach their destination. Sometimes, youth will take initiative to ride a bicycle, skateboard and unicycle wheel to move freely during short trips, but the space is limited. Luckily, there still have an option like Uber ...

In order to save more time for the victims and reduce the difficulties of the rescue, Mazu is a marine rescue drone designed for medium and small vessels.

(Emotion 1) When the vessel is turned over, "Mazu" will set up to the sky automatically and immediately throw a life buoy to victims, sending out a help signal simultaneously to notify. The life buoy thrown by Mazu can top up automatically and send out signal and have lights on, helping the rescue team to quickly search for the location of the victims.

When there isn't a shipwreck but someone falls overboard, Mazu can be sent out manually to search the location of the victim and throw the life buoy.

(Emotion ...

The Meridian® FLEX Camera Testing Platform was designed to provide automotive camera manufacturers and integrators with a powerful tool for evaluating camera performance and image quality. The Platform is flexible enough for the R&D lab and fast enough for production testing of short focal length, small aperture cameras commonly found in automobile safety systems.

A high-speed, high-precision robot positions a target at any specified field point within the camera’s field of view, enabling measurement of just a few, to hundreds of object positions in seconds.

Meridian FLEX offers Cartesian and spherical polar coordinate systems for precise target pointing, and proprietary Meridian® FieldPoint software handles the complex math. The robot points either the target projector at the device under test (DUT), ...

My idea is about the design and creation of wheels in the form of products that satisfy customer’s requirements and look great on all things. I select a most promising concept for design analysis and design optimization, various concepts that satisfy each of the functions are generated and combined into a complete design. I divided my design process into three interrelated phases, product specification, planning phase, conceptual design phase, and product design phase.

During the product specification and planning phase, I identify the customer’s requirements and translate them into engineering specifications in terms of the functional requirements, Function, shape, material (magnesium alloys wheels), and production methods are also considered. However, for light-weight and high-speed I consider the elastic effects ...

My Hovercraft has the capability to operate over almost any flat surface including shallow water, ice, vegetation, mud, logs and debris, rapids and flood plains. Hovercraft are marine vessels which operate by creating a cushion of air between the hull of the vessel and the surface below.

-Width: 1432,546 cm
-Length: 2646,917 cm
-Height: 1249,097 cm
-Passengers (excluding crew): 120
-Maximum payload: 25 tonnes
-Maximum speed at full payload: 90 k/h (48,5 knots)
-Normal endurance hours: 20
-Engine type: 2 x MAN diesel engines
-Hull material: Marine grade alluminum

What problem does your design idea solve?
-The ability to transport passengers from places where ships can't harbor, like shallow waters, snow etc...

What are the potential benefits?
-Tourist ...

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