Function – It is a circular internal combustion engine. Pistons are attached to a pair of rotating wheels (flywheels) connected to a central driveshaft. The pistons rotate in separate channels, one for combustion and one for compression which encircle the assembly.

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a portfolio of technologies regarding clock synchronization in distributed systems. Distributed synchronous systems that are required to provide globally coordinated operations require each component (node) in the system to be precisely synchronized. Such systems could include electronic components within an aircraft or automobile,

Experimental aircraft are not new. Balloons are not new. But one vehicle which could make conventional ballooning more enjoyable migth be a "sit-and-spin" type design.

With the main target of improving fuel consumption, one of the biggest challenges on harness wiring industries is to reduce weight of the assembled harness. Based on that,


GPDT offers continuous direct control of diesel fuel injector needle lift, to control fuel injection flow rate. This is but one application of a robust, durable mechatronic actuator technology.


In the early 2000s,

In India the majority of the people use a 2 wheeler instead of a 4 wheeler all throughout the year except for rainy seasons. The major advantage of a 2 wheeler over a 4 wheeler is that it requires less parking space.

The Go Kart is a type of open wheel car. Go Karts come in all shapes and size, from motor-less models to high powered racing machines. Some such as Super Karts are able to beat racing cars or motorcycles on a long circuit.

This counter rotating fan design would be usable for Hyperloops as well as commercial bullet trains. With respect to a single fan design, counter rotating fans offer a higher pressure ratio, over 6% increased efficiency, lower rotations per minute, and lower power requirements.

With our world becoming more interconnected, transportation and distribution are vital. With this versatile Hyperloop design, both supersonic pedestrian transport and incredibly fast and efficient product distribution are possible. Hyperloop consists of a pod or capsule inside a tube. To overcome the Kantrowitz limit for the Hyperloop,

Drone Air’s UAV is the perfect flying solution to any delivery challenge. Drone Air Delivery (DaD) is manufactured using the latest modern manufacturing method to keep costs down. The DaD is made out of direct metal printing with a laser sintering method.

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