Lively car is an interactive sitting balance bike designed for preschoolers which has two major characteristics: helping to train children's leg muscles and the education of children's daily life common sense.

It intrigues children in space and objects through the games and further develop interactive learning via transparent screen and AR techniques. When the screen locks on real-life scenes, it would simulate and add animal game messages to have interactive teaching with children. Through the balance bike’s characteristic of mobility, it allows children to move in different indoor spaces and have interactive learning with different real-life scenes. Lively car accompanies children to grow up and have an edutainment ...

The Melni Connector is a revolutionary new electrical connector designed to splice secondary (600v and down) electrical wires in direct burial and submersible applications. We initially made a splash in the industry when we went on ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch our connector and get additional funding to bring our products to market. Mark Cuban invested in our company after seeing our pitch. You can watch the short trailer here, https://youtu.be/vkIm1Hr9TEA.

Our patented technology used in our connectors is a complete game changer when it comes to splices, it as absolutely deserving of being a Product of the Year. The process is much faster, safer, and easier with our product and it doesn’t require expensive specialty tools. A short video ...

1) Challenge of change
Wireless sensors are the troops of the IOT, the on-the-ground pieces of hardware doing the critical task of monitoring processes, taking measurements and collecting data.
Today, battery-powered wireless devices are very popular. However, there are challenges:
• Many fields of research focus on achieving better miniaturization of sensors and electronics. However, Moore’s law does not apply to batteries; they are the largest component of the design;
• Batteries last for only a limited time and must, therefore, be replaced regularly;
• At the end of their lifetime, they are hazardous waste due to the toxicity of materials.
• Lithium is volatile and can catch fire;
• Strict regulations limit their ...

We developed a belt which will help these people to travel safely and autonomously. The obstacles will be detected by the belt and the person shall receive a pre-recorded message as a warning. The advantage of this device is voice based announcement for easy navigation, i.e. the user gets the voice which pronounces the directions he needs to move to reach his destination safely. The belt will be activated by a mobile application which will make it easier for the blind person to operate the ...

It may be that attitude, drinking, inexperience, coordination, balance, or speeding by the driver cause many motorcycle accidents but in many more cases it is the unseen car driver that can't or doesn't see the cycliist; and, many times from the right front at pull-out or intersection. One solution besides a warbler or klaxxon of noise and light and high vis clothing might be to install a phone to GPS phone orcar device to bike device id and telemetry. Much like airplanes that show on radar and to each other. Kind of recycled and obvious but it might work. When a bike is near a car within a few 100 feet or 100 or 50...then a louder and louder ...

The standard silicon on isolator (SOI) wafer has suffered from low thermal conductivity and, as result, from bad power performance. There are 2 reasons: low thermal conductivity of BOX(10W/K*m) and low thermal conductivity of host Silicon wafer (130W/K*m). If to change the BOX and Si by 3C-SiC (480 W/K*m) the power performance of Si devices will be improved in 3 times and leakage current reduced by 50%. New Si on SiC (SiSiC) wafer will be compatible with regular Si wafer ...



Cost effective solution for parking lot security using the app providing features to raise safety alarms and monitor using old devices.

The Issue-

Parking lot security systems have long been used in shopping malls and corporate offices in emerging countries. We got motivated to recycle and use old phones and tablets, used devices like computers on providing cost effective security at every community shopping center and kiryana stores. We wish to provide cost effective security at stores using Parking Lot Security application.

Our Solution-

Our app provides the requisites features on how we could secure parking spaces at community shopping centers and kiryana stores using used and broken phones and tablets, alarm clocks, internet connection, sync service, fix safety alarms. The ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a photo-acoustics sensing based laser vibrometer for the measurement of ambient chemical species. The technology allows for detection of sub part-per-billion (ppb) levels of ambient trace gases and chemical species, with an order of magnitude more sensitivity than similar technologies. Among other applications, the technology could be used for the detection of explosives and hazardous or toxic chemicals.


•Allows for measurement of sub-ppb level concentrations of chemical species over wide temperature ranges and high altitudes
•Provides an order of magnitude more sensitivity than similar technologies
•Will be a compact/hand-held device


•Airborne and space based chemical detection
•Hand-held chemical detection

The Technology

Schematic of technology.
The technology is a sensor for ...

Raspberry Pi, a $35 chip opened up a new world of possibilities in programming and computer education. Programmers and tech-enthusiasts need faster chips with open source interface and which can even enable internet sharing. This demand led to the development of Raspberry PI.

We carried out a survey of 100 individuals with expertise in various fields such as mechanical, electronics, computer science, IT, web design, videography, graphics and game design etc. asking them about their problems while creating a new product, service, process or any project. 37% of the people felt that lack of resources was their main problem and 34% felt that lack of pre-established platform was their main problem. Talking about financial constraints 33% felt this problem. ...

Honeybee health is critical to humans because the pollination that they perform is necessary for production of much of our food. Monitoring the temperature and weight of beehives can alert beekeepers to potential bee health problems early enough for interventions to be effective, rescuing bees.

Broodminder (https://broodminder.com/) is a Wisconsin-based organization that has developed wireless beehive telemetry devices to monitor critical internal hive conditions, including temperature and humidity (with the Broodminder T-H product) and hive weight (with the Broodminder Scale). These devices have built-in Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) modules, allowing data they collect to be transmitted to a mobile phone. Hives can also be monitored remotely by transmitting hive data to Broodminder WiFi or Broodminder Cell solar-powered uplink devices, which ...

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