Smart homes are intelligent environments that interact dynamically and respond readily in an adaptive manner to the needs of the occupants and changes in the ambient conditions. Smart Home domain is a new trendy way of home automation and energy conservation. The realization of systems that support the smart homes concept requires integration of technologies from different fields. Among the challenges that the designers face is to make all the components of the system interact in a seamless, reliable and secure manner. Another major challenge is to design the smart home in a way that takes into account the way humans live and interact. “Internet of Things” is not a second Internet – it is a network of devices ...

For hearing loss individuals, who want to reduce frustration while communicating, Echo Technology provides real-time text to speech on display integrated into your view. That offers inclusion, increases effective communication, and makes spontaneous conversations easier.

This product is an augmented reality device that provides cutting-edge technologies that will virtually change the way we communicate. The primary usage of the product will be assisting individuals who are either deaf or hard of hearing with a speech to text feature.

Hearing loss individuals struggle with everyday conversation. The result of this is that they sometimes feel left out. Hearing loss individuals typically use different various communication methods, such as American Sign Language, lip reading, and/or using the text features on smartphones. ...

This abstract is for part of US patent no. 9891827 dated February 13, 2018.

1. A Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus (MCA) housed in a Metallic Enclosure (ME), comprising following numbered 2 to 5 type components of:

2. Plurality of Processing Units (PUs) each with a local private memory (PM), and each mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded with a transceiver and associated antenna (TRA),

3. plurality of Shared Memory Units (SMUs) each mounted/fabricated/integrated/embedded with the TRA, and each made up of a Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory (NVRAM) comprising a static Magneto-Optical or an Optical record-able, erasable, and re-record-able media in a square/rectangular form factor that can be written to and read from optically,

4. plurality of peripheral components and/or inputs/outputs (I/Os) devices, each with an interface ...

Peatlands are very important for the earth. According to the website www.iucn.org, damaged peatlands are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, annually releasing almost 6% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Peatland restoration can therefore bring significant emissions reductions. This device will help for the peatlands monitoring using IoT technology. This device will measure humidity and temperature of peatlands, put a temperature and humidity sensor on the ground for measuring. Measured data will be sent to a web server using GPRS network. For the backup if the device have low signal, on the device will installed 433 Mhz RF communication module for communication backup between site device and web server. This device will use solar panel systems for the ...

It’s all about the effective management of resources. Limited resources of water. The high cost of fertilizers. Amount of fertilizer. Amount of water for crop management. 

Usually the farmer pumps the water more or less to cultivate the land, This may result in wastage of water or an insufficient amount for the crops. Send an alerting message to the farmer when the moisture level increases or decreases.

Pest Management And Control Work
Often farmers'  hard work is destroyed by predators (pests) which results in a huge loss to farmers. To prevent such situation Agriculture Internet of Things has a system that detects the diseases of crops.

A sensor that will sense the moisture level in the ...

Introducing the Up! App
One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today is machine downtime. When a machine goes down, it’s costing a company revenue, profit and reputation. There are also often long wait times to receive service.

A win-win for service requesters and providers
The Up! App is a new mobile and desktop app that brings on-demand service connections to the B2B world and manufacturing, specifically. It’s designed to quickly connect manufacturers in need of industrial service and/or repair to a network of available service options to get their machines up and running again.

The Up! network currently includes hundreds of service providers from across the country, including machine tool OEMs, distributors and independent third-party service companies.


Given the late and recent tragedies the need arises to render a firearm useless in certain areas. Here is a solution
to control where these weapons can be used and where they cannot. A wireless locking mechanism attached to each firearm should lock itself when the weapon is in the proximity of a school or other crowded location. it is the responsibility of each state to have each registered owner to take their weapon to an approved center and have it installed. It is a win-win. The manufacturers can continue their production, the gun enthusiasts can continue shooting at the range, and the kids and concert goers will be safe if this gets implemented.

This design is dedicated to ...


We are able to view the train schedule after selecting the station, view the routes between the stations by selecting the start and end destination, view the map, and know about the various geographical features of the place the train is crossing through like the rivers, forests, city names, visual map of the train routes.


Indian government motivated us to develop an application to present the train timetable information to help people in India better understand the trains, how people can use the trains to schedule their travel better, how the people and train organization under the Ministry of Transport can interact with each other to help manage security and threat from terrorist ...

The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor; I also designed a sample circuit for representing decimal system electronically using transistors, which was a major hurdle in designing such a system.

This is a new computer system that can provide enormous processing power, such that it will provide tomorrow’s supercomputing power on today’s handheld devices. The new concept is based on principles of analogue amplification and programming of computer is simple and similar to digital computers. The high-tech invention is called ‘Hinary Processor’ and ...

Gestures. Few consider it is a point of situation where you need to act yourself to make a bridge for communicating with another person. But for some it is the only source of communication.

The fact that more than 70 million people across the globe are speech and hearing impaired affected me in a way I could not put in words hence I decided to come up with a solution that translates hand gestures into real time speech. Overall a revolutionary device.

It’s a gesture recognition based device which not only serves and boosts confidence of speech impaired individuals but also helps them enhance their communication with others. Designed to be worn as a pendant which is lightweight, convenient ...

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