In this work, we explore the implementation of the energy efficient I/O interface circuits, namely the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), using back-end-of-line (BEOL) Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays, for ultra-low power VLSI and IoT applications.


In the Internet of Things era, electronics with ultralow power consumption are greatly sought after. In order to implement a microprocessor, basic logic gates and computing blocks are required. We propose a run-time reprogrammable micro-resonator-based device that can be used to implement a compact,

New multimedia language
We are still dealing with words, whose communicative system is writing based on the pen, now keyboard, as the main instrument and reflecting a six thousand years old technology, writing. The scope is to communicate a concept, an idea, an order, anything.

Vehicle plate Barcode System (VPBS)

In modern society, speed of information circulation is increasingly critical. Responding to this need, I have designed a project that serves both police and citizens in saving time, security and effort.

This project aims to develop a security system on all vehicles;


Mobile video calling is the most convenient communication technology available to common people today. But, this doesn’t come any close to real “Face to Face” communication. In face to face, person can move around & control their visual (eye-ball movement &

This idea came from the analysis of why symmetric-multi-processing (SMP) architectures failed to perform well when given an intrinsically parallel software task (circuit simulation in Verilog) - despite being able to get as many as 48 CPUs on a chip these days,

The uRADMonitor AIR is a small device with an opto-electric Particulate Matter sensor that tracks your environment wherever you are. It shows the best routes in town for doing jogging, cycling, or taking your kids for a walk.

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