Waven headphones transmit sound through the bones by means of the creation of vibrations, reaching the inner ear, which turn them into electrical impulses. Sound can be perceived by people with normal hearing and also with hearing problems. Moreover, despite playing music,

Digital Bus System

Name of the Project : Digital Bus System

Objectives of the Project : The Ultimate motto of the project addresses all the problems that were faced by the existing MSRTC bus system .

The "Displacement Safety System" (DSS) is designed for use in commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, to mitigate electrification hazards caused by man-made catastrophic events such as collision and vandalism, and natural catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, & flooding.

This is a small box of 3"x 3"x 2", portable, powered by 5V. It is provided with a 3 watt speaker for emitting high decibel sound.

This is designed particularly with ladies in mind since mostly they are victims for robbery, sexual and physical attacks. When attacked,

The use of tiny sensors makes possible the insertion, in this case built into the steering wheel of a car, of an alcohol detection device that will interact with the ignition system of a vehicle. In association with a timer, relays and GPS will complete the design.

This is a box of 8" x 4" x 2".

In electrical systems, it is desirable to have earth connection to the body of the device operated. This earth is available in three wire single phase systems. In two wire systems this is not there.

The Fiber Optic Augmented Reality System (FOARS) enhances the user-friendliness of NASA’s award-winning Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) by vividly displaying the strain experienced by the object being monitored.

New "Helix" flexible-display wrapped around moving 3D objects to illuminate pixels that “project” a FLAT-plane image relative to a camera observation point or just human observation. Applications: Make structure transparent, wear as clothing, and wearable wrist helix with more display.

This invention teaches prior art of bendable,

My idea is about replacing the old fashioned wooden blackboard with foldable OLED and calcite chalk with electronic or digital pen.

Foldable OLED can be folded and refolded more or less 100,000 times without picture creases.

<Motivation and Innovation>
Antenna miniaturization has been one of the fundamental challenges for decades. Conventional small antennas use electric current for radiation which relies on electromagnetic wave resonance that leads to antenna sizes comparable to the electromagnetic wavelength. Here we demonstrated a new antenna miniaturization mechanism,

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