Waven headphones transmit sound through the bones by means of the creation of vibrations, reaching the inner ear, which turn them into electrical impulses. Sound can be perceived by people with normal hearing and also with hearing problems. Moreover, despite playing music, a person can perfectly hear other surrounding sounds.

The headphones combine a music player and a fitness tracker that can play music (both recorded on the built-in memory and broadcast on the Internet), receive calls (the headphones are equipped with a microphone that allows you to recognize the voices, even if the external noises are loud), respond to voice commands, and the most important- to adjust the physical and emotional state of the owner.

The unique design ...

Digital Bus System

Name of the Project : Digital Bus System

Objectives of the Project : The Ultimate motto of the project addresses all the problems that were faced by the existing MSRTC bus system . Coming to the
feasibility aspect the current project focuses on
1) Economical Feasibility
2) Technical Feasibility
3) Operational Feasibility
Deliverables/ Functional Specification:-
1. Current Administrators 2.Passenger/Customers 3. Details of the services.
4. Timings, Source, Destination details. 5.Android application
Introduction :
Now a days everything is being automatic using technology . The Digital Bus System project is being developed for the use of MSRTC and bus passengers.
-Android application :
An android application is being developed for the passengers of the ST bus who want to travel .
The application will ...

The "Displacement Safety System" (DSS) is designed for use in commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, to mitigate electrification hazards caused by man-made catastrophic events such as collision and vandalism, and natural catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, & flooding. The system will automatically terminate the main power feed powering the charging station, immediately upon detection of an event that places the charging station in an unsafe condition or state, which may include exposure of the high voltage electrical feed that powers the station.

Commercial electric vehicle chargers operate on voltages ranging from 220 vac to 480 vac with amperage averaging between 30A and 90A; this power is also on, and in the event of a catastrophic event involving ...

This is a small box of 3"x 3"x 2", portable, powered by 5V. It is provided with a 3 watt speaker for emitting high decibel sound.

This is designed particularly with ladies in mind since mostly they are victims for robbery, sexual and physical attacks. When attacked, the victim is dumb founded initially by shock to raise the voice. After recovering from shock, it takes many seconds before which the attacker runs away.

This is provided with a single key. A pre recorded voice of a crying woman's voice with fast blowing police siren is provided. If the victim holding this device is conscious to press the single button at attack or at the approach of an attacker. the ...

The use of tiny sensors makes possible the insertion, in this case built into the steering wheel of a car, of an alcohol detection device that will interact with the ignition system of a vehicle. In association with a timer, relays and GPS will complete the design. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the driver, this device will perform a blocking action that will prevent the start of the car and through GPS conditioning send an alarm or signal to the police in order to pinpoint the driver location under influence of alcohol.

This last assumption is interesting because usually if a party is under way several drivers will be involved and the prevention is a matter ...

This is a box of 8" x 4" x 2".

In electrical systems, it is desirable to have earth connection to the body of the device operated. This earth is available in three wire single phase systems. In two wire systems this is not there.

There was a case here where a doctor couple got electrocuted in shower room when one was trying to save the other. They left behind two children, girls less than five years old.

There is an inlet from the mains and an outlet to the device, say water heater. An earth sensor is provided in order to constantly monitor the presence of earth. The presence of earth is monitored and indicated by glow of ...

The Fiber Optic Augmented Reality System (FOARS) enhances the user-friendliness of NASA’s award-winning Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) by vividly displaying the strain experienced by the object being monitored. FOARS is a mobile data visualization application that receives FOSS data via wifi and then creates a three-dimensional (3D) augmented version, superimposed over the actual fibers using a target image.

An Important Advance:
FOARS successfully addresses the visual disassociation between the FOSS-monitored object and what users see on their computer screens. To understand the significance of FOARS, one must understand FOSS.

FOSS is a revolutionary system that rapidly and accurately measures strain to calculate a variety of critical parameters (e.g., shape, stress, temperature, bending). FOSS involves bonding lightweight optical fibers ...

New "Helix" flexible-display wrapped around moving 3D objects to illuminate pixels that “project” a FLAT-plane image relative to a camera observation point or just human observation. Applications: Make structure transparent, wear as clothing, and wearable wrist helix with more display.

This invention teaches prior art of bendable, rollable, and curving video display screens “flexible-displays” have been disclosed by companies like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and LG, but maintaining an IMAGE on flexible-displays when wrapped around humans, robots, and aerospace drone machinery in motion is not provided. FIG 15 illustrates a flexible-display 99, designed around the helix in FIG 14, which may include a “touch screen” programmed to sense locations to display a FLAT appearing normal image as if viewing a ...

My idea is about replacing the old fashioned wooden blackboard with foldable OLED and calcite chalk with electronic or digital pen.

Foldable OLED can be folded and refolded more or less 100,000 times without picture creases. Foldable OLED is sold in consumer's market but its full use is not yet fully realized.

The link to the video below is a property of "CNET" YouTube ...

<Motivation and Innovation>
Antenna miniaturization has been one of the fundamental challenges for decades. Conventional small antennas use electric current for radiation which relies on electromagnetic wave resonance that leads to antenna sizes comparable to the electromagnetic wavelength. Here we demonstrated a new antenna miniaturization mechanism, acoustically actuated nanomechanical magnetoelectric (ME) antennas, that could successfully miniaturize the magnitude of 1-2 orders using magnetic current for radiation. The ME Antennas open up a variety of opportunities due to their unique and particular properties. With the advantages of high magnetic field sensitivity, highest antenna gain within all nano-scale antennas at the similar frequency, the integrated capability to CMOS technology, and the ground plane immunity from the metallic surface or the ...

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