App to share weather conditions like humidity, temperature and conditions and remotely monitor an island using npm modules

The Issue:
Remote Island monitoring systems have not been used effectively in emerging countries. We got motivated to recycle and use old phones and tablets, used devices like computers by providing remote island monitoring facility to prevent havoc in case of hurricanes, excessive rainfall. Chennai floods in 2015 have made it all the more urgent to design, develop and deploy such systems cost-effectively.

Our Magic Solution:
Our app provides the requisites features to share weather conditions like humidity, temperature and conditions and remotely monitor an island using used and broken phones and tablets, alarm clocks, internet connection, sync service, integration with IP cameras using ONVIF ...

Secure Call Center-


Track the security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory or office and directly call the associated teams.

The Issue-

The motivation of the project came from a factory owner who owns multiple units and was interested in keeping a security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory along with managing the communications with the associated manager.MJPG enables us to keep a check on the inventory units and call the managers directly in case an abnormality is discovered.

The constant on-going threats from thefts, natural disasters has made it critically important for call center executives, individuals to monitor parking lots and raise alarms from any place, ...



Track Schedule and Information of Events, mobilize security ,threat prevention efforts by guests participation using ONVIF SDK.


We have developed a variety of apps for event organizers in the past and always thought about how we could mobilize security and threat prevention using guest's participation. Paris Attacks in 2015 educated us about the desire need to improve security by empowering attendees/guests in a festival or an event. We arrived at developing a single app with fest info and security measures tied together.


We are able to view schedule of events after selecting the categories, identify abnormal activity using ONVIF SDK integration and cameras, view the timings between the events and time table, and ensure better participation in fests. ...

Everyone faces a problem with the declining charge of battery in necessary circumstances. Even though accessories like power banks helped to solve the issue, still there is a void that couldn’t be filled. What if we could charge with the Electro Magnetic Waves(EMW) around?

We are surrounded by EMW of various frequencies. If we could utilize them to charge the battery, it would be helpful. Mobile phones are equipped with oscillators which generate EMW, so if we use the oscillators for the vice-versa i.e.., if we design a set of oscillators that would respond to the signals around, we could transduce the response to our desired form(ex: vibration to magnetic ...

Every worker in every office today owns a PC on the table always on a network (LAN or internet). But every worker in an office does not have an office phone. This is because it is very expensive to setup office telephones in every office. This expenditure is not only in terms of finance but in hardware and maintenance too. This expenditure is usually too high for most medium and low income businesses in my country. On the other hand, connecting an office PC to a network (LAN or internet) is an obligation in today's hi tech world and is not even too expensive to do.

Office Com SIP takes this advantage to develop a solution capable of doing ...

In order to avoid an engine’s thermal fatigue failure or lowering the engine’s performance due to engine oil deterioration, the oil must be changed when it loses its protective properties. Also, unnecessary oil changes should be avoided for environmental and economic reasons as still active additives left in the oil may react with the environment. Today, no built-in system exists in the world which online can monitor an engine’s lubricant oil condition. We change the lubricant oil based on experience by looking at oil’s sample or after 3000 km of travel which is reference set by the oil manufacturer. But with this we cannot predict if the oil is contaminated, if additive packages are depleted, if it is low ...

Sherlock/ SOLIDWORKS 3D Integration

As products containing electronics become more ubiquitous throughout everyday life (i.e. wearable electronics, self-driving cars, drones, etc.) they can significantly impact consumer safety. Ensuring that these products perform safely and reliably is critical, especially in products operating in extreme environments in industries like automotive and avionics.

With the new Sherlock/SOLIDWORKS 3D integrated software, mechanical and electronics designers and engineers can now quickly and easily predict the reliable lifetime of entire PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) under real world conditions, before a product is ever built. Users can now seamlessly import complex 3D objects into one tool and gain valuable insight into how mechanical structures, such as enclosures, batteries, thermal solutions, chassis, displays, and stiffeners influence ...

Doors are often used, yet untouched.
They are the gateway between public and private.
Your door can now be a member of the family.

Smart door is a holistic solution to home security and home automation. Home automation is a market of many products that turn your home into a smart home. If you purchase numerous ones, you end up interacting with multiple apps per product. The Smart Door serves as the central home for home automation.

Smart Door greets you when any family member of the home approaches. It is equipped with a interactive artificial intelligence and can connect to multiple virtual assistants. Smart Door has a smart lock so you can unlock the door with the ...

Smart Elements is an innovative system of smart low-power products, comprised of Blue Nodes connected wirelessly to Base Stations that allow farmers to remotely collect data over long distances. Thousands of different existing sensors are currently deployed across farms and industrial sites, and most of these sensors use 3G networks in order to get data back to the cloud. It is costly to have a SIM card in each device, and also presents challenges in regions of poor reception, and in order to implement newer radio-network technology (e.g. LoRa) each sensor would each need to be separately re-engineered. Smart Elements solves this by providing connectivity to a myriad of sensors, with simple software setup to configure what type of ...

As we all know, smart cities need a dynamic power generation system to fulfill the energy demand without any compromise and with ease. So for this we need smart grids which have the tendency to strike a balance between power generation and supply.

Generally there is only one way power transmission. Power generated from generating station is transmitted to the sub-station. From substation it is distributed to the houses in a locality. A smart grid is an electric grid which includes two way transmission of energy transfer, variety of operation and energy measures including smart meters, renewable energy resources and energy efficient resources. Electronic power conditioning and control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of ...

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