App to share weather conditions like humidity, temperature and conditions and remotely monitor an island using npm modules

The Issue:
Remote Island monitoring systems have not been used effectively in emerging countries. We got motivated to recycle and use old phones and tablets,

Secure Call Center-


Track the security of raw materials inbound and products outbound within the factory or office and directly call the associated teams.



Track Schedule and Information of Events, mobilize security ,threat prevention efforts by guests participation using ONVIF SDK.


We have developed a variety of apps for event organizers in the past and always thought about how we could mobilize security and threat prevention using guest's participation.

Everyone faces a problem with the declining charge of battery in necessary circumstances. Even though accessories like power banks helped to solve the issue, still there is a void that couldn’t be filled. What if we could charge with the Electro Magnetic Waves(EMW) around?

Every worker in every office today owns a PC on the table always on a network (LAN or internet). But every worker in an office does not have an office phone. This is because it is very expensive to setup office telephones in every office.

In order to avoid an engine’s thermal fatigue failure or lowering the engine’s performance due to engine oil deterioration, the oil must be changed when it loses its protective properties. Also,

Sherlock/ SOLIDWORKS 3D Integration

As products containing electronics become more ubiquitous throughout everyday life (i.e. wearable electronics, self-driving cars, drones, etc.) they can significantly impact consumer safety. Ensuring that these products perform safely and reliably is critical,

Doors are often used, yet untouched.
They are the gateway between public and private.
Your door can now be a member of the family.

Smart door is a holistic solution to home security and home automation.

Smart Elements is an innovative system of smart low-power products, comprised of Blue Nodes connected wirelessly to Base Stations that allow farmers to remotely collect data over long distances. Thousands of different existing sensors are currently deployed across farms and industrial sites,

As we all know, smart cities need a dynamic power generation system to fulfill the energy demand without any compromise and with ease. So for this we need smart grids which have the tendency to strike a balance between power generation and supply.

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