Road transportation, as an important requirement of modern society, is presently hindered by restrictions in emission legislations as well as the availability of petroleum fuels, and as a consequence, the fuel cost.

The H.E.R.O. (Hazardous Environment RecOnnaissance) Sensor is an amalgamation of sensors mounted on an optional pan/tilt unit with the intelligence to autonomously scan an area for specific heat signatures. HERO’s AI communicates 3D location information with the robotic platform (land-,

An automated and connected climate control system that reduces energy consumption of Heating/Cooling systems by opening / closing windows, to allow for cross ventilation and desired heating / cooling.

Each window is equipped with a small motor, that is powered by a small rechargeable battery and a solar cell.



Cost effective solution for home security using the app providing features to raise safety alarms.

Home security systems have long been used in rich homes in emerging countries. We got motivated to recycle and use old phones and tablets,

Tests and Identifies Degraded Sensors Without Having to Remove Them

An in situ measurement system for monitoring the performance of piezoelectric sensors, particularly accelerometers, was developed. With this technology, characteristics such as resonant frequency, response, cable status, connectivity, bonding and linear range, can be determined.

There are many baby monitoring devices available in the market. We want to extend the concept to include a pacifier also. The device will monitor baby activities like sounds (and movements as an extension). Depending on the preprogrammed sound patterns and activity, the device can play a lullaby.

Intelligent retail is a term which is used to describe the smart technologies that are designed to give the quick and easy shopping experience. Purchasing and shopping is a daily chore and it is followed by a long &

The growing demand for digitization to transition into the Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things has presented an opportunity to learn, construct and lead the innovations thermal system monitoring and predictive maintenance. Without a connected interface or configurable modes,

This concept is actually two concepts; my modified light-field array 3-D Pixel Unit and my concept of the Light-Interface,

Frequent determination of glucose concentrations in diabetic patients is required for diabetes management. This requires repetitive finger pricking. Use of non-invasive detection techniques offer several advantages, such as absence of pain, exposure to sharp objects and tighter control of glucose concentrations.

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