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IoT Water Control Management (WCM) is a management system for water quality, control and distribution in poor regions. By winning this competition, we will build the final product and adapt water tanks in the Azraq and Kakuma refugee camp. We have a functional prototype already (see videos and pictures in the application).

The most recent report created in 2015 by UNHCR described an unprecedented 65.3 million people around the world forced from their homes. In a world where nearly 34,000 people are forcibly displaced every day, initiatives to improve their living conditions are more important than ever before. Azraq hosts a total of 53,833 people of concern originally from Syria. The Azraq camp opened in April 2014 to support Syrian ...

This air filtration system will clean PM2.5, PM10 & NOx from ambient air at the rate of more than 10,000 cubic meters per hour. It can be installed at various polluted city centers, road junctions, parks, stadiums, hospitals, workshops, etc., places with electric power provision. This can also mounted on vehicles for on-site operation with the help of solar power or battery support.

The system consists of five sub-systems namely 1) high volume ambient air compressor 2) filtration treatment of air 3) discharge of filtered and clean air in the environment or thru' ducts 4) electric motor and electronics to operate compressor in automatic mode 5) sheet metal enclosure.

High capacity air compressor is based on the design principle ...

Magnetic field on the surface of a ring magnet is compressed using a disc magnet having diameter equal to the width of the outer ring. The compressed magnetic field attracts the steel plate fixed on ring magnet making it to rotate. The up and down oscillations of disc magnet is synchronized with rotation of ring magnet thereby making the ring magnet to rotate continuously like a motor. This makes a highly efficient motor because the energy required to oscillate the disc magnet is much less as it is in repulsion with the ring ...

Design Statement and Working:
In the drawing hinged partial water filled bottle is not able to balance itself because of store and restore cycle developed by water weight wave energy or and tension spring drive force. In the same way water or fluid flowing inside the spiral or straight tube that is covering the complete periphery of a mega wheel (flywheel, disk) producing the drive force or torque to rotate the wheel about its own axis. To transmit the generated mechanical power from mega wheel to preferred machinery like generator, pump etc. a transmission shaft is connected. In the below part of the drawing another mechanism has been designed to produce the reciprocating power from the same mega ...

Several green initiatives have been attempted, to advance the cause of environmental friendliness of building constructions in contemporary urban landscapes worldwide. Here, a technology is proposed, to harness the power of air draughts (from tiny wisps to gale-force types) by deploying massive planar arrays of microscopic electric power generation turbines using micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) fabrication technology. The array shall be manufactured in a form that has two semi-transparent laminated panes; the top one (L1) is the array of wind turbines, while the bottom one (L2) serves as the substrate (for structural rigidity) and the martix for energy transport over a network of transmission lines (TL).

Every element (unit cell) in the L1 array comprises a 4-blade transparent, quartz rotor attached ...

Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light

MEUSOL intends to ease a major problem of current society: energy generation.

The concept consists in an array of solar panels disposed in an optimized geometry and distance of a specially designed light bulb that can excite the panels, generating electric current 24 hours per day.

The energy consumed by the bulb is exceeded by far by the generated energy.

Exceeding energy is stored into battery banks and used afterwards as on any regular solar energy system.

The main benefits of this system are:
- generation of energy 24/7;
- absolutely independent of sun availability, location, time and season;
- extremly low maintenance;
- no need to use roof space or large ...

Micro Grid Wind Generators

The idea is to use the existing street lights posts if strong enough to build a micro grids of high-efficient vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) (Figure 1).

As already known, the VAWTs have poor efficiency due to the air resistance of the blades when moving against the wind direction. The efficiency can be greatly improved by using flexible blades, which adjust their angle the way that they increase their drag when moving toward the wind direction and reduce the drag (increase the aerodynamic) when moving against it (Figure 2).

The efficiency comes at a price though, as this involves more moving parts, which increases the number of the wearable components/materials, which respectively increases the maintenance ...

Modular Lab Vessel is a new type of essential lab equipment that allows scientists to perform more accurate and safe solution preparation. This product eliminates intermediate vessels thus eliminating unnecessary waste. The innovative design allows for stacking the vessel when shipped thus reducing storage space needs. The modular portion allows the scientist to pick various volumes (set by the bottom portion of the container) and snap on the top portion that locks into place.

Modular Labs is set to reduce lab waste, increase efficiency and protect scientists from harmful reagents. We present here one of our concepts and we currently work on additional products that aim to create more sustainable ...

By using the moss ink pen, the sender’s messages and emotions can be delivered as well as giving the card the life to grow.

MOSS’ is a card of vitality which includes an ink pen made of eco-friendly moss and the letter made of moisture-holding recycled crude fiber. Using MOSS’ card can prevent the chemical pollution caused by traditional ink and purify indoor air.

The instructions are: The sender use moss ink pen to write the card and send it out. The receiver shall make the card stand and regularly spray water to nurture it after receiving it. With the irrigation and the advance of time, MOSS’ will “grow” the sender’s message, which also grows the receiver’s expectation toward ...


MULTIVODE™ is an irrigation appliance shaped as a multi-layer composite (packed in a roll) designed to store and deliver irrigation water using hydrogel particles of fraction 0.5 to 2.00 mm. It consists of two non-woven polyester fabric layers: upper one is thicker and with lower density of fibers and bottom layer is thinner with higher density of fibers. In between them are hydrogel particles seeded onto upper side of the bottom layer – together with a possible addition of fertiliser stripe or fertiliser paste (N-P-K with Magnesium additive). The two layers are tied together with special spring-like ties (Picture 1).

How it works:

When the water is poured onto MULTIVODE™ product, the hydrogel particles grow (up to 200x ...

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