Sustainable Technologies

IoT Water Control Management (WCM) is a management system for water quality, control and distribution in poor regions. By winning this competition, we will build the final product and adapt water tanks in the Azraq and Kakuma refugee camp.

This air filtration system will clean PM2.5, PM10 & NOx from ambient air at the rate of more than 10,000 cubic meters per hour. It can be installed at various polluted city centers, road junctions, parks, stadiums, hospitals, workshops, etc., places with electric power provision.

Magnetic field on the surface of a ring magnet is compressed using a disc magnet having diameter equal to the width of the outer ring. The compressed magnetic field attracts the steel plate fixed on ring magnet making it to rotate.

Design Statement and Working:
In the drawing hinged partial water filled bottle is not able to balance itself because of store and restore cycle developed by water weight wave energy or and tension spring drive force.

Several green initiatives have been attempted, to advance the cause of environmental friendliness of building constructions in contemporary urban landscapes worldwide. Here, a technology is proposed,

Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light

MEUSOL intends to ease a major problem of current society: energy generation.

The concept consists in an array of solar panels disposed in an optimized geometry and distance of a specially designed light bulb that can excite the panels,

Micro Grid Wind Generators

The idea is to use the existing street lights posts if strong enough to build a micro grids of high-efficient vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) (Figure 1).

As already known,

Modular Lab Vessel is a new type of essential lab equipment that allows scientists to perform more accurate and safe solution preparation. This product eliminates intermediate vessels thus eliminating unnecessary waste. The innovative design allows for stacking the vessel when shipped thus reducing storage space needs.

By using the moss ink pen, the sender’s messages and emotions can be delivered as well as giving the card the life to grow.


MULTIVODE™ is an irrigation appliance shaped as a multi-layer composite (packed in a roll) designed to store and deliver irrigation water using hydrogel particles of fraction 0.5 to 2.00 mm.

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